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20+ Things That Will Drive Even the Most Patient Person in the World Crazy

We all might occasionally have a not-so-successful day, and the characters of our compilation are no exception. We truly hope that they won’t have to encounter such misfortunes in the future.

5-Minute Crafts is showing you a bunch of mishaps that could make any of us exclaim, “Well, things on my end aren’t all that bad.”

“Meet Trinity, she likes to leave her Starbucks trash on the grocery store shelf.”

“Grabbed the wrong one and now all of my chocolate chip cookies taste weird.”

“The Shin Annihilator 3000”

“My university just increased housing costs by 20% and is cutting scholarships, but they still have the money to fund research into creating these mini lemons.”

“My pillow in my $120 a night hotel”

“After 3 flat tires, we finally decided to investigate the gravel and grass near the driveway for nails...”

“My first day as a delivery guy”

“Just bought this underwater protective case in Thailand and went swimming with it.”

“Someone hit my car and painted it with house paint.”

“Promised my son we would go see Mount Rushmore.”

“Got laid off today with zero notice, found all my stuff already in a box when I got to work.”

“This closet in a German hotel needs several warnings — and I still almost hit my head.”


“Left my sunscreen outside for a few days and the product info on the back turned into alphabet soup.”

“The stairs in an apartment I stayed in where every step is a different height, width, and depth”

Were the manufacturers hoping that buyers wouldn’t notice anything?

“Business class plane food from the Netherlands — the salt and pepper shakers are a small pair of clogs.”

“My new auto-folding umbrella just ejected when I tried to open it.”

“I ordered chocolate chip pancakes and they gave us regular ones — I asked for the correct order and this is what happened...”

A speed bump on a downhill slope with no drainage

“Which floor am I on?”

“Bought an automatic soap dispenser. It could not resist water and the batteries rusted.”

“This bench by where I live is very hot and nearly impossible to sit on at this park.”

These are stairs...

“My roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them. Yes, it’s me who bought all of them.”

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