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21 People Who Know Everything About Real Fails

Every person gets into ridiculous situations sometimes. These occurrences make life less boring and often become one of those stories you will tell your friends for years. However, these stories from Reddit users will make you say, “I’m glad this didn’t happen to me.”

1. “I turned on my defrost this morning, came back 10 minutes later to find this.”

2. “For my first year as a homeowner, brought some Halloween treats to return the favor for the times I did as a kid and to meet the neighborhood. Didn’t get a single knock.”

3. “I tried washing a pillow.”

4. “My crown fell out while I was taking a call at work.”

5. “Even cracked an egg in it — got caught on the microwave door.”

6. “$3.60 and no chips”

7. “My instrument decided to stop working during the rehearsal and today is the concert.”

8. “The cologne bottle slipped.”

9. “We ordered a wedding cake. This is what we got.”

10. “Was plucking grapes to rinse for a party when I found this little lady. Grapes had been in my fridge for 3 days. Yes, it was still alive.”

11. “So, who do you think has it worse?”

12. “’Grow your own vegetables,’ they said. ’Save money,’ they said.”

13. “Paid $15 for pulled pork for a family meal and was hoping for the whole container to be filled.”

14. “This watch I bought used online”

15. “I did an air mold test in my apartment.”

16. “Nothing quite like peeling off the plastic on your brand new TV.”

17. “It’s rib season! Been looking forward to this!”

18. “It’s cool. I’ll wait...”

19. “Had a big party this past weekend. While I was greeting guests, I forgot about the ribs on the grills. The ribs caught fire and I had to put it out with a fire extinguisher.”

20. “In for my morning constitutional. It’s 8 a.m. I have to be at work in 30 min. There’s not another roll in the house.”

21. “Just bought a minivan from a friend a few weeks ago, kept getting spiderwebs in the car and decided to bug bomb it. Found these.”

What other ridiculous things have happened to you? Share in the comments!

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