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25 Things Men Didn’t Realize Until They Moved in With a Woman

Moving in with your partner can be full of good moments and new experiences. However, this important step in a relationship can also bring on a lot of learning about how different men and women can be when getting things done.

In this article, we’ve compiled 25 things that male Reddit users learned after sharing a home with their female partners.

  • “Just how expensive and low-quality brands for women are.” Ⓒ BlackSunBeast / Reddit
  • “Pockets are very rare for women’s pants. Several years married and still shocked by this.” Ⓒ Timothy5509 / Reddit
  • “You find out the amount of food that a refrigerator can really hold.” Ⓒ AKA_St**** / Reddit
  • “I didn’t realize the amount of comfort I would get. I always thought it would be like having a roommate but it’s way different, especially with a SO. When my girlfriend and I started living together, I felt more comfortable in just about every way in my own apartment. The empathy and emotions brought to the place are also incredible. It felt more open and welcoming after living with a bunch of guys in college where emotions don’t really happen.” Ⓒ SoapsDisc / Reddit
  • “The benefits of face cream” Ⓒ btwrenn / Reddit

Is there anything else you would add to this compilation? Tell us in the comments!

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