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30 People Who Shared Something That Drastically Improved Their Mental Health

Mental health is an essential aspect of our lives, as it includes our psychological and emotional well-being from childhood to adulthood. This concept also involves how we relate to other people and the way we deal with stressful situations.

In this article, we’ve compiled posts made by 30 people who wanted to share the things that helped them improve their mental health.

❗Important: This article is not intended to deliver professional guidelines on mental health. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult a specialist regarding this matter for proper diagnosis and treatment, if needed.

  • “For me, it was meditation and listing out things I’m grateful for in life. Also, watching lighthearted movies or TV shows really helps!” Ⓒ p*****_at_everything / Reddit
  • “Knowing it’s okay to leave some people behind.” Ⓒ -Black_Guardian- / Reddit
  • “Being honest and transparent about how I’m feeling. ’I’m not mad at you, my brain just hates me right now,’ has helped mitigate lots of fights and awkward conversations.” Ⓒ Nillabeans / Reddit
  • “Taking vitamin D and B supplements and getting enough sleep really helped reduce excessive thinking and fixating on negative things from my past.” Ⓒ AnDagdadubh / Reddit
  • “Getting a job that paid a living wage improved my mental health 1000%.” Ⓒ rigel899 / Reddit
  • “Eating breakfast. I’d often describe to my boss and coworkers that I’d have really bad brain fog that I sometimes couldn’t think at all. I usually wouldn’t eat until around 1 or 2 p.m. when I’d been up since 9 a.m. I had to start getting up around 8 a.m. or sometimes 7 a.m., and I would have extra time to get food. Once I did, the brain fog went away and the change was immediate.” Ⓒ christygl7 / Reddit
  • “Stopping hormonal birth control. Didn’t realize how much it was messing with me.” Ⓒ impossibility_day27 / Reddit
  • “Enforcing boundaries at work.” Ⓒ SmartPomegranate4833 / Reddit
  • “Something small that has helped me is saying aloud, ’What a beautiful day, today is.’ It’s small but I have a better outlook.” Ⓒ turtlepawa123 / Reddit
  • “Working from home. In the office, I have to be ’on’ for 8 hours, regardless of whether I’m on break or not. At home, I can relax in a comfortable space without spending any ’social energy.’” Ⓒ dewey-defeats-truman / Reddit
  • “Quitting online arguing. It sounds obvious, but once I started telling myself ’just block it out, it’s not worth the effort,’ it genuinely helped things.” Ⓒ NiceGuyWillis / Reddit
  • “Adult hobbies. Surfing. Fishing. Running. Mine are solo activities, but you just need something challenging that you have to work at to get better. It gives you little things to look forward to so you’re not focused on all the sad things.” Ⓒ musashi-swanson / Reddit
  • “Silencing my activity on social media and replacing my time spent on there by reading books instead.” Ⓒ chick3ns*** / Reddit
  • “Getting a dog.” Ⓒ Deep-Bread-413 / Reddit
  • “Being honest about my feelings and setting clear, immovable boundaries with my family.” Ⓒ MissNinja007 / Reddit
  • “I take 10 minutes a day, usually before bed, to tidy things up. When things start getting really bad, the fact that I’ve always got a clean place is incredibly helpful.” Ⓒ future-unperson / Reddit
  • “Quit having grudges against people. Let them go and you’ll be relaxed.” Ⓒ Weak_Carpenter_7060 / Reddit
  • “Cutting back on negative self-talk. It’s difficult to stop doing it and to catch myself thinking poorly about myself, but I try my best. I’ve started replacing it with kind things in a sarcastic tone, for example, I often call myself a ’national treasure.’ It works very, very well. My goal is then to replace the sarcastically nice self-talk with genuinely kind and positive self-talk.” Ⓒ bunnihun / Reddit
  • “Saying no to things that I don’t actually want to do instead of trying to help everyone out.” Ⓒ LoanOptions_ai / Reddit
  • “Doing things and going out into the world. As an introvert, it’s hard to admit that I do need people to distract me sometimes. Then I can zone out from bad thoughts, just be there without depression, and be around someone I like at the same time.” Ⓒ LocalINFJ / Reddit
  • “Going for a silly little walk and getting a silly little coffee every day.” Ⓒ alexhull21 / Reddit
  • “I don’t read or watch the news much anymore.” Ⓒ TurbulentEvening2493 / Reddit
  • “Congratulating myself when getting ready early in the morning. Just to reaffirm that ’I can do this.’ Ⓒ neohylanmay / Reddit
  • “Being significantly pickier about who I spend time with. I now actively seek out friendships with kind, creative people.” Ⓒ carinavet / Reddit
  • “Don’t care about 90% of things I used to do. Once you realize that most issues don’t matter at all and you only assign them importance in your head, your life gets way easier.” Ⓒ Tango1777 / Reddit
  • “Time in direct sunlight.” Ⓒ chadwick10000 / Reddit
  • “Learning that being the ’therapist friend’ isn’t the only way to be a good friend.” Ⓒ Veeanniy / Reddit
  • “Start working on my goals. Also, smiling.” Ⓒ Ok_Negotiation5162 / Reddit
  • “I finally found that going to bed early helps me. My fiancée started student teaching, so we started going to bed around 10. I wake up around 8 every morning now, even on my days off. I don’t let myself nap, and by 9:45 each night, I’m ready for bed. Best I’ve felt in a long time.” Ⓒ McCanada3 / Reddit
  • “Being honest with people. I was really stressed by trying to remain neutral/polite in the face of people that I could no longer accept in my life. Life/my mental health got better when I was able to speak the truth and just admit to them that we grew too far apart and I didn’t want to see them anymore.” Ⓒ Happy_Hermit94 / Reddit

What would you add to this list? Is there anything you’ve done that has greatly improved your mental health? Tell us in the comments!

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