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5 Reasons Why Piercing Babies’ Ears Might Not Be the Best Idea

Parents tend to be divided when it comes to piercing their children’s ears. Some don’t think about doing it until the child asks for earrings or becomes independent enough to make decisions and carry out their plans. Others rush to pierce their children’s ears as soon as possible so that they can enjoy wearing beautiful earrings from an early age.

But is it really harmless to pierce babies’ ears? Let’s figure this out.

1. It may cause an infection.

Several factors can lead to the development of infection in pierced ears. Even if you’re taking care of your baby’s ears properly, complications may arise due to tight earring clasps or equipment that wasn’t sterilized properly. Moreover, an infant can’t explain if they feel discomfort in the pierced area. You need to constantly watch their ears for signs of swelling and redness.

2. The earings may provoke an allergic reaction.

Some people have an allergy to gold and nickel, which are widely used in the production of accessories. Babies have no experience wearing jewelry, so it’s hard to say if they are allergic to any earring components. Infants’ skin may react to these metals by swelling and turning red.

3. Babies may harm themselves.

It’s mandatory to avoid touching the pierced area and to wash your hands before cleaning the earings and the surrounding skin. You can’t explain these rules to a baby. They may push and pull the piercing and accidentally take it off. The small jewelry parts may fall into the infant’s ear or be swallowed. Loose earrings can increase the choking hazard.

4. Jewelry that dangles could be dangerous.

Dangling earrings increase the risk of trauma to the child. Loose elements can easily get caught on clothes or bedding. If you lean over the baby with a long necklace on your neck, you may catch and pull the dangling parts of the infant’s piercing. If the kid is grown enough to play, they may pull the earrings and cause earlobe injury.

5. Your child may not like the piercings when they grow older.

Ear piercing isn’t a necessary procedure. Babies don’t decide if they want to wear earrings. In this case, we shouldn’t forget that the process of piercing is quite painful and we absolutely can avoid it if it’s not actually needed. You can’t say whether it is a right or wrong decision to pierce your baby’s ears until they grow up enough to judge. The kid may not like it in the future.

What parts of your body would you like to pierce?

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