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6 Hot New Book Releases on Amazon We Can Grab for Low Prices

Are you looking for a book that will help you relax and have fun? Or do you need advice about how to deal with pets or become a master in your kitchen? If so, check out 5-Minute Crafts’ shortlisted options about 6 hot new book releases, and those that have yet to be released, that you can grab for a low price.

1. Dog Training and Behavior Solutions by multiple authors — how to train your puppy or adult canine stress-free

Do you want to get, or maybe you just got, a puppy or an adult dog, and don’t know where to start with training? Well, Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions will be a great start. In this book, you’ll learn how to make canines behave themselves and obey your commands, and even prevent separation anxiety when you’re not around. Once you have it in your hands, you’ll realize that this 188-page book is a treasure trove for dog lovers based on modern science that uses fear-free methods.

Review: “This is the most wonderful book, full of kind, effective, wonderful advice. Whether you’re thinking of getting a puppy or an adult dog, or you already have one, I can’t recommend this book highly enough!” Scalpay woman

2. The Hairy Dieters’ Simple Healthy Food by Si King and Dave Myers — how to lose weight without losing out on taste

Many people seem to think that healthy food is tasteless at best. But, according to the Hairy Dieters, that couldn’t be further from the truth. And this collection of more than 80 recipes will give you information on how to prepare a meal with high nutritious value without sacrificing taste. Furthermore, you’ll find the expert opinions of professional athletes and medical authorities, like Professor Roy Tailor, besides what the popular Hairy Bikers think. Finally, you’ll get full guidance on how best to start and end the day, among everything else, between the covers of this book, whose value widely exceeds its price.

3. Pinch of Nom Family Meal Planner — tips on how to plan weekly meals hassle-free

Are you tired of continuous brainstorming about what to cook next and how to have everyone satisfied with your choices? If so, then Pinch of Nom Family Meal Planner by Kate and Kay Allinson and Laura Davis is your way out. For starters, you’ll get 26 recipes containing ingredients for healthy and delicious meals between the covers of this book. Next, it contains tips on how to reduce food waste. Finally, you’ll learn how to save money in the process and streamline your daily routine in the kitchen. Note that this 208-page book is scheduled for release through Amazon on June 23, 2022.

4. The Vanishing Tide, Hilary Tailor — were longtime secrets held back for a good reason?

Everyone seeks to unearth secrets, for better or worse. And the main protagonist of The Vanishing Tide sets herself on a path that may explain many strange things that have unfolded since her childhood, including her mother’s odd behavior. And everything starts when she inherits a cliffside cottage overlooking the ocean. This 332-page novel will become available on Amazon on June 1, 2022.

Review: “Excellent book. Really enjoyed it and read it in 1 hit. So glad it ended how it did. Recommend you have time to enjoy it. Great holiday read.” SA

5. Thrown, Sara Cox — what does it take for people who keep to themselves to come together?

Thrown elaborates on a neighborhood where the extent of dealing with neighbors comes down to a “Hello” in passing. Yet, it turns out that little is needed for them to open themselves up and find joy in socializing with others. And the main heroes are 4 ladies, each of which is dealing with her own doubts and concerns in silence, until she isn’t. The print length of the debut novel by Sara Cox, a famous broadcaster, is 304 pages.

Review: “Oh, I loved this — a wonderful smile from the very beginning. This tells of a group of people who get to know each other through a pottery class. A book to enjoy and perhaps reflect on life a little, albeit in a light-hearted way. Of friends and relationships that can ease our way through the storms life sometimes throws at us. A wonderful, entertaining read.” Misfits farm

6. Book Lovers, Emily Henry — how much fun could constantly poking at your nemesis be?

Nora’s and Charlie’s lives have revolved around books and small wonders since she is a literary agent and he is an editor. Yet, the trouble is that they are something we could call sworn adversaries to each other in their work. What’s more, they happen to spend their holidays in a small town, which is precisely what neither of them wants or needs. Or maybe they do!!!???

Review: “Emily did it again, what can I say?! She did a fantastic job once more and I am so so happy to be holding another one of her treasures in my hands.” mariyab 1991

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