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7 Hot New Books From Amazon You Need to Read This Summer

Summer is a great time to read a book while enjoying the shade on a hot day with a refreshing beverage. But out of so many choices, which book to choose is the real problem. To make your search easier, 5-Minute Crafts has put together a list of hot new books from Amazon that you need to read this summer.

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1. The Candid Life of Meena Dave, Kindle Edition

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The first novel by writer Namrata Patel is a women’s fiction in which the main character, Meena Dave, tries to find out where her place is in this world. It’s a book about a journey into the past, personal identity, family secrets, community, growth, and rediscovering the need to belong.

2. Return to Sandpiper Cottage: A Women’s Friendship Fiction Novel, Kindle Edition

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The novel Return to Sandpiper Cottage by writer W.M. Andrews is an enchanting novel of contemporary female fiction. At the center of the story is Rachel Whitney. She is alone in a not-so-great situation with a question about where her life went wrong. The novel brings hope for friendship, love, and new chances in life.

3. Defiance of the Fall 5: A LitRPG Adventure, Kindle

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The fifth book of the hit series Defiance of the Fall LitRPG tells the story of Zak, who has just one more chance to gain the power needed to deal with the threat looming over Earth. Take a peek into a vast universe full of mystery, adventure, and danger.

4. Dreaming of Flight: A Novel, Kindle Edition

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This novel will touch your soul with its warmth and message of love, patience, and acceptance. An unexpected friendship between a boy, Stewie, and his neighbor Marilyn, who reminds him so much of his grandmother, will change their lives forever. Their closeness will help them understand that you cannot change everything in life, but you can always have someone you can rely on.

5. The Wild Side: A Small Town Friends-To-Lovers Romance (The Wild Westbrooks Series), Kindle Edition

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In this first book in the Wild Westbrooks series, the author of these romantic novels, Cassie-Ann L. Miller, introduces us to old friends Cash and Meghan. The 2 of them made a pact when they were in their twenties that they would get married if they were both single in their thirties. Find out if an old friendship will turn into a romance in this laugh-out-loud novel.

6. Ruthless Rival, Kindle Edition

Top Pick

In this novel, L.J. Shen brings us a story about the past and the future that collides in an unthinkable bang. Aria Roth and Christian Miller are sworn enemies. He is the lawyer who initiated the lawsuit against her beloved father. She has no idea that he is someone she used to know well as a child. Find out what Arya will do when she realizes the truth about Christian in this enemies-to-lovers story romance.

7. Twin Secrets: A Dad’s Best Friend Secret Pregnancy Romance (Billionaire Secrets Book 1), Kindle Edition

Top Pick

If you love office romance, forbidden love, drama, and babies, then this is a good read for you. When Dane, a former SEAL, becomes the CEO of the company in which the newly graduated Bridget is looking for a job, they eventually meet at her interview. This is how the plot of this novel begins. Writer Ajme Williams brings you this contemporary romance story to enjoy.

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