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8 Cool Fidget Toys That Will Soothe Your Anxiety Away

Fidget toys can be helpful in so many ways! By ensuring your constant movement, they occupy your brain and stimulate it to focus and concentrate, and work on reducing your stress and anxiety. 5-Minute Crafts has created a special list highlighting cool fidget toys to help you choose the one that will be perfect just for you.

1. Infinity Cube

Buy Infinity Cube https://amzn.to/3EvB775

This toy is composed of eight smaller cubes that are connected by the hinges, creating one bigger cube. Its small size makes it perfect for playing with it with just one hand and carrying it around in your pocket. By flipping and folding it in the same direction, you can alleviate your stress while working on tasks or whole waiting. By keeping you busy, this toy can help to reduce body-focused repetitive behaviors like nail-biting.

2. Squeeze-a-Bean edamame keychain

Buy Squeeze-a-Bean Soybean Stress Relief Keychain https://amzn.to/3jU0qbc

If you love small and cute things, this toy might become one of your favorites! Simply squeeze this tiny pod to reveal one of the three edamame beans hiding inside. The beans themselves also have faces, which makes the toy extra adorable. You can attach this toy to your keys or onto your phone case, to always have it around you.

3. Flippy Chain

Buy Flippy Chain https://amzn.to/2ZNw0QL

This fidget toy is perfect for occupying your hand while you are busy with something else. This means you don’t need to put a lot of attention into it and it’ll help you to calm down. All you need to do is to move the two rings in and out of each other!

4. Squishy toys

Buy Scented Squishy Strawberry https://amzn.to/3bwrl86

If you like to crumple something in your hands, then opt for squishy toys. While its adorable design is pleasing to your eyes, it can keep your mind occupied for a long time. By engaging you in monotonous metrical actions, squishy toys tend to help in releasing various intense emotions like stress, anger, or happiness.

5. Stress Balls

Buy Stress Balls https://amzn.to/3pWdWii

If you want to rumple something more aggressively, opt for a stress ball made of soft silicone. It’s more durable than squishes which means you can stretch and pull it even harder to release your energy. On top of that, stress balls benefit muscles in your wrists and hands as they help to strengthen them!

6. Rainbow Ball

Buy CUBIDI Rainbowball https://amzn.to/3bwc5Il

Those who are into puzzles will definitely find this one fun! The main idea of the Rainbow Ball is to match the colorful balls with the ring of similar color by pushing them around the toy. Playing and fidgeting with the Rainbow Ball is very easy, yet it leaves some room for the challenge, which makes this toy a good gift for both adults and kids.

7. Pop-It

If we speak about the most addictive fidget toys, then this one can easily be nominated for first place. No wonder, because it’s so similar to a bubble wrap, loved by many! The only difference is that now you can pop these little dimples in and out endlessly from both sides. Pop-It is small enough to carry around in your bag or pocket to activate your senses and prove relaxation at any place.

8. Simple Dimple Fidget Spinner

Buy Simple Dimple Fidget Spinner https://amzn.to/318wWj1

This toy combines two very addictive actions, popping and spinning, in one small gadget. This also means you can use it to your benefit in two ways — spinning the toy might help you to concentrate and popping the dimples to calm down. Also, did you know that bright rainbow colors create energizing effects? Well, this toy comes in rainbow color, which means it can excite your senses too!

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