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9 Hot New Releases on Amazon for Every Home

For the house to look beautiful and tidy, in addition to regular cleaning, it is necessary to organize it well and add small decorations that will enhance its appearance. In this article prepared by 5-Minute Crafts, you will find hot new releases on Amazon for every home.

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1. Mini fridge

If you want to always have a chilled drink for you, guests, or clients, then this mini cooler is the right thing for you. This beverage cooler has space for up to 12 (750 ml) bottles or 38 cans (330 ml or 440 ml). It also has a built-in locking system. Elegantly designed with a sleek black body, glass front, 2 slide-out shelves, and an adjustable wire rack, this refrigerator will surely fit into any modern household or office. The cooler’s dimensions are 51.3×43×48. You will also receive a one-year warranty on it.

2. Socket wall mount

This Google Home Mini speaker carrier will free up your space on the counter and provide a much cleaner look. It also protects your speaker from any potential damage due to liquid spills or food splashes. There is no need for drilling holes or screws. You can easily mount your Google Home Mini anywhere. The carrier does not require additional hardware because it uses the power cord that comes with the Mini. This carrier comes with a hole in the plastic ring to have easy access to the microphone switch. Also, your speaker can be placed on the wall vertically, which allows for better sound quality. The Google Home Mini is not included.

3. Laptop holder

The laptop stand can be folded into a small size, and then you can carry it anywhere. It has 6 levels for height adjustment, which is why this laptop stand is comfortable for watching content and typing for a long period of time. It improves your posture and reduces neck fatigue, back pain, and eye strain. The stand is stable because it has double triangle support. A large silicone anti-slip pad on the stand prevents it from slipping. Also, it has a good tilt angle that offers natural airflow, which prevents the laptop from overheating during operation. This universal laptop stand is compatible with most devices.

4. Set of 2 hanging artificial plants

The set of 2 artificial hanging plants in the style of ferns in white pots is made of quality material. The matte finish gives the look of a real ceramic pot. With these plants, you can decorate the living room, office, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. They will add life to any room you choose. You no longer have to think about who will water and nurture your plants when you go on vacation.

5. Cushions with covers

Every home will look more luxurious and cozy with these pillows. The inserts of the pillows measure 50 cm x 50 cm (20 in x 20 in), while the pillow covers measure 45 cm x 45 cm (18 in x 18 in), which gives the pillows a look of fluffiness. Both the cushion inserts and the covers are made of cotton and are very soft to the touch. The covers have a zipper so you can easily insert a pillow or take off the pillowcase if they need washing. They come in gray, wine red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, navy blue, and other colors.

6. An alarm clock with wireless charging

This digital clock with a charger provides the time, a dual alarm, the date, wireless charging, delay, 3 brightness levels, a 12/24-hour switch, and a Fahrenheit/Celsius switch. The alarm supports 15V wireless charging. The built-in Qi wireless charging pad is compatible with Qi-enabled phones and wireless headsets. All you have to do is place your device on the alarm clock and charge it. In the package, you get a wireless alarm clock, 1 adapter, 1 USB charging cable, and a manual. The size of the alarm clock is 16 cm × 7.5 cm × 5.1 cm (6.3 in × 3 in × 2 in).

7. Cleaning gloves

These cleaning gloves are made of high-quality rubber. They are tough and cannot be easily torn off, plus, they’re durable and comfortable to protect your hands from injuries at work. The granule design on the palms and fingers increases friction to provide better grip and control. The length of these gloves will prevent water from entering them, and your hands will not get wet or dirty during work. They can be used in the kitchen and for washing clothes, cleaning the household, washing dishes, washing cars, pet care, cleaning indoors and outdoors, etc. They are also suitable for gardening and planting.

8. A wall hanging storage bag

This hanging wall organization is made of handmade, natural, sustainable rope made of 100% cotton and free of harmful substances. The size of the door storage organizer is (H x L x W) 17.16 in x 5.79 in x 1.3 in (43.6 cm x 14.7 cm x 3.3 cm). Each pocket is 5.79 in x 1.3 in x 2.76 in (14.7 cm x 3.3 cm x 7 cm). The hanging shelf for accessories has 3 large pockets for storing your toys, cosmetics, shoes, bags, accessories, and much more. Each storage organizer is independent and can be separated. It is easy to move, can be hung anywhere you want, does not take up space, and is very small and portable.

9. Portable electric heater

The perfect mobile oil radiator with a fan has 11 fins, which gives you complete flexibility during the cold periods and winter months. It has a power of up to 2900 V, which is enough to heat both a small and a large room. This radiator will keep your energy bill under control. It has a simple control button to adjust the heating power, as well as a switch to control the indicator lamp. It also has a programmed timer function that helps you set the time after which the fan will turn off automatically. With 4 swivel castors and sturdy carrying handles, you can move it with minimal effort. In addition, it has a cord wrap at the bottom for better organization. Safety comes first, so this radiator has an overheat protection and an automatic safety shut-off to ensure the electric heater doesn’t overheat.

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