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9 Smart Fashion Hacks That the Royals Use to Make Their Lives Easier

Being in front of photographers is not as easy as we may think, especially for those who’re members of one of the most famous families in the world. However, it seems like the royal women know that very well and, apparently, they have come up with brilliant hacks to look flawless and avoid looking messy in a photo.

In this article, we’ve compiled 9 fashion tricks used by female royals to look stunning at all times.

1. Choosing thick fabrics and fitted outfits to prevent clothes from blowing up in the wind.

Bob Cass/Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS

A genius hack to prevent the paparazzi from taking inappropriate pictures of them.

2. Wearing shoes that are one or 2 sizes bigger to avoid getting blisters


Feet can often get swollen when wearing heels for long periods of time. So, according to fashion experts, celebrities usually stuff the toe area with padding materials such as cotton wool or tissue, which can be removed when they feel like they need more space in their footwear.

3. Hiding their cleavage with a clutch

Princess Diana often used this trick when she got out of a car to prevent photographers from capturing revealing pictures of her.

4. Opting for bodysuits so that their top stays in place


Meghan Markle has been spotted using this trick more than once as, apparently, it provides a more polished look when wearing separates.

5. Using hairnets to lock updo hairstyles

This beauty accessory is very hard to notice and can be found in a variety of colors.

6. Keeping flyaways in place by using a toothbrush.

v.d. Werf/DDP Images/East News

Meghan Markle has said that she sprays hairspray on a small toothbrush and lightly brushes her flyaways down to fix her hairline.

7. Choosing pantyhose with sticky heels to prevent their feet from sliding out of their shoes.

Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing pantyhose with silicon pads, so they get stuck to the inside of her shoes.

8. Wearing low buns to prevent hair creases.


Apparently, the reason behind Meghan Markle’s signature low bun is that it helps her avoid hair dents. It’s also said that this hairstyle is very useful when she has more than one event in one day, as it’s easier to undo if she wants to wear her hair down later.

9. Opting for coat dresses to stay warm or cool


The fashion protocol for female royals discourages them from removing their coats when they’re in public, even during indoor events. Therefore, Kate Middleton has opted for this very smart solution that helps her avoid overheating or feeling cold.

Do you know any other fashion tricks used by the royals that make their lives easier? Tell us in the comments!

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