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A Guide to Different Types of Bikes

Picking a bicycle can be an overwhelming task. There is one for everything: mountain climbing, city biking, traveling long distances, and even electronic cycles that don’t require much pedaling. So before you start, think about what you need it for.

5-Minute Crafts has prepared a guide that will help you choose the perfect two-wheeler.

1. Road bike

This type of bike, as the name suggests, is designed to be ridden as fast as possible with minimal effort. They have a light and skinny frame with dropped handlebars that allow you to be more aerodynamic. Also, long-distance traveling can be done with this bike, but due to its light wheels, hitting potholes can damage it.

2. Mountain bike

This bike is made for off-roading and mountain riding. They have great suspension with good breaks that give you better control over rough ground. Also, a city ride can be done with this bike due to its relaxed riding position, but it can be slow on the pavement.

3. Hybrid bike

hybrid is a combination of a road and a mountain bike. It has a light frame and a flat bar, which gives you a more comfortable riding position but is not aerodynamic. Therefore, going fast can be a challenge. They have powerful disc brakes that perform well in wet conditions. Also, thanks to its mounts, it can carry a lot of luggage.

4. City bike

City bikes are simple, practical, and robust. There is not much that can go wrong with them because they only have one gear. Typically, these two-wheelers are equipped with a dynamo (kind of like a battery, but self-powered) to power the light, lock, and flat pedal that allow you to ride with regular clothes and stand upright.

5. Electric bike

Electric bikes have a battery that will help you go uphill much easier. They can go pretty fast and accelerate quickly. There is one for everything like shopping, hardtail, and full-suspension mountain cycling. But some of them are forbidden on certain trails. These types of bikes are heavier and usually weigh around 20 pounds more than an ordinary bike.

6. Single-speed bike

There is not much that can go wrong with this bike, thanks to its simple design. They have a single-speed and are not a good choice for beginners, but experienced cyclists can ride them with ease. When you learn how to ride them, they can be great for commuting.

7. Touring bike

This one is good for carrying loads of luggage and traveling long distances. They have fast-rolling wheels with wider tires that are better suited for a mixture of terrain. These bike can take you almost anywhere. They have a more relaxed riding position and stable geometry that allows you to carry more stuff.

8. Gravel bike

Gravel bikes can be ridden all year round. Usually, their frame is made from steel, aluminum, carbon, and titanium. Their big tires allow them to easily go over any type of road. Also, these two-wheelers can carry a lot of luggage, like frame bags, saddlebags, and bar bags.

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