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A Guide to Different Types of Roads

A Guide to Different Types of Roads

People have created a lot of different types of roads, each of them is different in shape and function. Some of them are for animals, and others are for high-speed cars.

5-Minute Crafts prepared a guide to different types of roads.


road is a linear way for traffic. It has an improved surface because it’s meant for traffic.


A highway is any public road on land. It may be unpaved or well-constructed and meant for a lot of traffic. There are highways with only 2 lanes and those with many more lanes.

Wildlife crossing

Wildlife crossings let wild animals cross roads safely. These roads prevent crashes and accidents between drivers and animals.


An avenue is a straight road with trees along both sides.

Controlled-access highway

Controlled-access highways are for high-speed vehicles. There are no parking lots, there are no pedestrian crossings or traffic lights and all the entrances and exits are controlled by slip roads.


This is a road near a park. Trucks and other heavy vehicles are not allowed to use it. A parkway has trees along the sides or in the middle.


This is a road dug inside a natural obstacle, like a rock or a mountain. The length of a tunnel is usually more than its width.


Bridges are located above obstacles, like railroads, rivers, and lakes, and they don’t block other ways of transportation underneath. There are bascule bridges that let all kinds of water transport travel under them.

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