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A Guide to Different Wedding Themes

Choosing a wedding theme will help plan the look of your entire big day, from color choices to the bride’s dress and groom’s suit. Also, thanks to the theme, you can set a romantic, modern, or any other mood you want for your big day.

5-Minute Crafts will show you some popular wedding styles so you can choose yours.

1. Classic

A wedding in a classic style is something that is timeless.

  • Best place: Country clubs, hotels, ballrooms, and banquet halls are suitable for holding a classic wedding.
  • Main colors: Neutral colors like grey, black, white, ivory, and beige work best as a color scheme.
  • Decor: Decor at a classic wedding should not be too flashy and extravagant. Fine china, candelabras, votives, chair sashes, and luxe table linens are suitable as decorations.
  • Style: Tuxedos and ball gowns are suitable as clothing for the bride and groom.
  • Flowers: There is nothing more classic than roses. So, they will be a great addition to a classic wedding.
  • Cake: A tiered white cake with floral decorations is a great addition to a classic wedding.

2. Rustic

A rustic wedding is a simple, cozy wedding that evokes hints of nature.

  • Best place: A rustic wedding is best done outdoors under a canopy or in a barn or vineyard.
  • Main colors: For the main colors of a rustic wedding, a palette of neutrals and earthy tones are best.
  • Decor: As decor, you can use seasonal fruits, wildflowers, glass jars, garland, and wooden elements.
  • Style: A rustic style wedding dress can be with lace, an open back, long sleeves, or beads. Instead of a tuxedo, the groom can wear a less formal suit and, of course, complement it with suspenders. Also, do not forget about cowboy accessories, like a bolo tie and a cowboy hat.
  • Flowers: Gypsophila, sunflowers, spray roses, and a lot of greenery are flowers that will perfectly complement a rustic wedding.
  • Cake: The main wedding dessert at a rustic style can be a birch cake, a cake without decorations, or cupcakes.

3. Boho

A boho-style wedding is a combination of relaxation and naturalness with a chic edge.

  • Best place: Outdoor venues are the best venues for a boho-style wedding. It can be a lake in the forest or a garden.
  • Main colors: For a boho wedding, colors that evoke the palette of a summer sunset are perfect: warm colors with earthy tones of red, orange, pink, and yellow.
  • Decor: For decoration, you can use Persian carpets, green plants in jars, pampas grass, or macramé items.
  • Style: A boho-style wedding dress is usually made of flowing fabrics that have embroidery or lace, with hippie or vintage elements. For the groom, a casual chambray suit with a bow tie or suspenders is perfect.
  • Flowers: Flowers that will emphasize and complement the style of a boho wedding are any wildflowers.
  • Cake: cake in bright colors, with succulents or feathers as decorations will be a great addition to the boho-style theme of the day.

4. Tropical

A tropical-themed wedding is a perfect option for summer, filled with bright colors, exotic flowers, and magical details.

  • Best place: The beach, the sound of waves combined with a light breeze will create the perfect romantic atmosphere for a tropical wedding.
  • Main colors: The main colors for a tropical wedding are the natural colors of the sand and the sea. They can also be complemented with bright color accents: green, orange, or coral.
  • Decor: At a tropical-themed wedding, nature will provide most of the decor. However, it can be complemented with details that are associated with the sea, like palm trees, starfish, sun, or coral.
  • Style: A light, flowing, off-the-shoulder dress will match the laid-back vibe of the beach. The groom’s suit might consist of cotton trousers and a light jacket.
  • Flowers: Common island flowers (hibiscus, alpinia, frangipani, lily, and magnolia) make a great addition to a tropical wedding.
  • Cake: Use tropical flowers, fruits, and leaves to decorate your wedding cake.

5. Glamorous

A glamorous-style wedding is perfect for those who never settle for less and want to go “Wow!”

  • Best place: place for a glamorous wedding should be bold and luxurious. A ballroom, an atrium of an exquisite museum, the dining room of a large estate, or a historic mansion will create the right atmosphere.
  • Colors: The most common color choice for a glamorous wedding is one or 2 neutrals, like golden white or black. And then a bold accent color is added to it, like red, emerald green, or amethyst.
  • Decor: Crystal chandeliers are one of the main decorations for a real glamorous-style wedding. Add flowers or beautifully draped fabrics to them. Also, do not forget about candles, crystal glasses, and high-quality tablecloths.
  • Style: A glamorous style wedding dress should sparkle and shine. Glitter accents and voluminous appliqués will perfectly complement the look. A white tuxedo with black details will make the groom look chic and match the wedding theme.
  • Flowers: Roses, peony roses, orchids, and a minimum of greenery — that’s what you need for the sophisticated and chic decor at a glamorous wedding.
  • Cake: The more tiers, the better — this is the main rule for a glamorous wedding cake. Edible metal foil, a cascade of flowers, or buttercream frosting can be used as decorations.

6. Art Deco

An art deco wedding is an opportunity to plunge into the era of the roaring ’20s and fill the big day with the spirit of the Great Gatsby.

  • Best place: A suitable place for an art deco wedding would be a country house or a restaurant at a private club.
  • Colors: The combination of colors for an art deco wedding should be contrasting, for example, gold and black, red and gold. As additional colors, you can use silver, pink, black, red, or yellow.
  • Decor: To decorate the hall, you can use feathers, strings of pearls, or crystal pendants. You can also add some vintage elements: typewriters, cameras, photo frames, bold geometric shapes, and ethnic patterns.
  • Style: To create an art deco bridal look, choose a satin or silk dress. Lace, fringe, metal jewelry, tassels, and a lot of beads are suitable as bright accents. For the groom, you should choose a classic tuxedo with a bow tie and a vest.
  • Cake: Decorate your wedding cake with geometric shapes, zigzags, or pearl beads for an art deco touch.
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