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A Guide to Types of Tea for Every Occasion

Tea is a drink that many of us consume every day. It comes in many varieties, including black, green, white, mint, chamomile — you simply can’t list them all.

At 5-Minute Crafts, we decided to find out what types of tea to drink on different occasions so that you get the most health benefits from it.

Black tea

Black tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but if you are sensitive to this substance, it’s better not to drink black tea before bed. The best time is 30 minutes after breakfast or lunch. If you are used to doing this before a meal, try adding some milk to the tea — this will make the tea less harsh on the stomach.

Green tea

This type of tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. Plus, green tea contains quite a lot of caffeine, which makes it a great option for a morning drink that will give you enough energy for the whole day. It’s also best to drink this tea on an empty stomach. But if you have problems with the liver and stomach, you can take it with a meal or after one.

Chamomile tea

Many of us know that chamomile tea has a calming effect and helps you sleep. And there is a scientific justification for this: chamomile contains the substance called apigenin, which promotes sleepiness. The effect of a cup of this tea is quite quick, so you can drink chamomile tea about 45 minutes before going to bed.

Peppermint tea

To be more precise, neither peppermint tea nor chamomile tea is actually tea since there are no tea leaves present — unless you buy chamomile or peppermint mixed with tea leaves. In reality, peppermint tea is an infusion of peppermint leaves in hot water. What time is best for drinking peppermint tea, you ask? Since peppermint doesn’t contain caffeine, you can safely drink it before bed.

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is made from dried hibiscus flowers. It differs from other types of tea primarily due to its bright purple or red-pink color. Hibiscus can be used as a healthy alternative to unhealthy, sweet, carbonated drinks. Hibiscus doesn’t contain caffeine, so it will not interfere with your sleep.

Jasmine tea

As a rule, jasmine tea is green tea with the addition of essential oils or jasmine flowers. The resulting drink has a sweet taste and aroma. Unlike regular green tea, jasmine tea is not recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach. The best time to drink it is 30 minutes after a meal.

Lemon ginger tea

It’s best to consume this refreshing drink within 30 minutes after waking up. It charges up your metabolism and prevents nausea, if necessary. In addition, ginger is a powerful antioxidant, which means it helps your body fight inflammation and has a beneficial effect on the kidneys. Drinking lemon tea in the morning on an empty stomach can help cleanse the liver of toxins.

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