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A Guide to Types of Underwear Fabrics

Modern underwear is made from very different fabrics. Some of them are very nice to touch, others are great to wear, and some can stay as good as new for a long time. So how can you be sure to choose the right materials in such a wide variety?

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you about different types of underwear and help you choose the right kind for you.

  • Bamboo
    Bamboo fabric is made from the pulp of bamboo. It’s very soft, light, and durable, with a silky texture. It has moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties, so it’s great for people with sensitive skin and those that have an active lifestyle. At the same time, bamboo is very absorbent, so it can hold a lot of sweat and other liquids, creating a good environment for bacteria.
  • Silk
    Despite popular misconceptions, silk underwear is really durable and comfortable. Silk is highly absorbent, it dries fast, and it’s breathable. However, it’s not the easiest fabric to clean, and the price is quite high.
  • Cotton
    Cotton is a fabric that is better than most for underwear. Cotton is very soft, breathable, strong, and easy to dye. Cotton underwear doesn’t require special care and can be washed many times. It’s good for people with sensitive skin. But cotton underwear may not be the best choice for active people. Cotton holds water for a long time, and it can also shrink.
  • Polyester
    Polyester is the most popular synthetic fiber. It is heat and color resistant, dries quickly, doesn’t wrinkle, and shrinks less than cotton fibers, for example. Polyester is strong, and it’s often used for sports because it doesn’t hold water and lets it evaporate. Even though polyester is good for cold seasons, it might be too hot to wear when it’s warm. It also holds onto odors.
  • Polyamide
    Polyamide is another popular synthetic fiber used for underwear. It’s among the most durable fabrics, nice to touch, breathable, and water-resistant. It’s more elastic than natural fibers. Such underwear is easy to take care of, and it doesn’t wrinkle. However, polyamide needs more time to dry than polyester.
  • Viscose
    Viscose is a very soft, light, breathable, and absorbent material. This fabric is almost as comfortable as silk but way cheaper. Despite its many pros, viscose has several drawbacks. It’s not very durable, and it’s prone to stretching and bagging. On top of that, it doesn’t regain its shape.
  • Microfiber
    Microfiber is an ultrathin synthetic fiber. It’s light, durable, and breathable, and it does a great job of wicking moisture. Microfiber underwear dries very quickly, which makes it a great choice for working out. However, microfiber underwear is thicker than the cotton kind. That makes it virtually impossible to hide visible panty lines under thin slacks.
  • Spandex
    Spandex is a synthetic material and is light, elastic, and durable. It’s water-resistant, can keep its shape for a long time, and give enough support when you’re moving. But when you wear it for a long time, it might cause discomfort because spandex is non-breathable.

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