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Find Out Which Red Panda You Are

Find Out Which Red Panda You Are

The funny and cheerful red panda is a mascot of our editorial. To celebrate the funniest day of the year, April 1st, we prepared a comical test that will help you find out whether this red panda is hiding among our readers.

Look closer at your friends and relatives and 5-Minute Crafts will tell you what to pay attention to to spot the panda.


Needs: Completing quarterly plans.

Habitat: Mainly at work, sometimes goes to sleep in his individual shelter.

Skills: Finishing their assigned tasks during their free time.


Needs: Wi-Fi password, charging station for the phone, and a PC.

Habitat: Places with a good a Wi-Fi signal, usually close to routers and sockets.

Skills: Doesn’t let gadgets out of their hands, can refresh social media newsfeed endlessly, nothing can hide from them on the internet.


Needs: Sleep.

Habitat: Individual shelter where she is raising one or several kids.

Skills: To get enough sleep within that one rare minute when it occurs.


Needs: Fun.

Habitat: Various parties and fun events.

Skills: Never-ending entertainment. No one knows what they live for and where they work because they are always partying.


Needs: Planting a garden.

Habitat: Mainly suburban areas. In the cold season, they can be based in their own home with small plants on the windowsill.

Skills: Plants every inch of the ground with anything possible to plant.


Needs: Adopting cats because there can’t be too many cats.

Habitat: Normally their own shelter or around its premises.

Skills: Finds cats everywhere. If they manage to catch a cat, bring it home and surround it with love.

Sweet tooth-panda

Needs: Various sweets, from candies to cakes.

Habitat: Confectionery, departments of sweets in grocery stores.

Skills: Eats so many more sweets than an ordinary person can because sweets are small joys.


Needs: Shopping.

Habitat: Shopping centers, boutiques, handmade fairs, sales, online stores, marketplaces.

Skills: Goes to buy one blouse and returns with a fully renewed wardrobe, always with lots of bags in both hands, having additionally placed several orders online.


Needs: Protein for growing muscles.

Habitat: Gyms, swimming pools, fitness studios, sports grounds.

Skills: Training at any time of the day to be fit for summer.


Needs: Taking selfies, making videos.

Habitat: Internet sites and social media.

Skills: Lives in a virtual world better than in the real one.


Needs: Access to virtual games.

Habitat: VR

Skills: Fights in the shape of a troll for days, builds an empire in the Middle Ages, and other talents depending on the theme of the games they play.


Needs: Driving somewhere.

Habitat: A car that this panda has already become unified with because they spend a lot of time behind the steering wheel.

Skills: Understands the vehicle better than people; drives for a long time, the further the better.

Home builder-panda

Needs: Keeping the shelter clean and cozy.

Habitat: Personal shelter.

Skills: Wins an everyday fight against dirt, mess, and an empty fridge.


Needs: Constant flow of good luck.

Habitat: Everywhere

Skills: It’s this panda that occupies the last lot at parking, gets the last item on sale, books the last free table in your favorite cafe, etc.


Needs: Information.

Habitat: Located in different places, can be your neighbor or colleague.

Skills: Learns information about everyone faster than everyone.


Needs: Unfortunately, it seems these pandas are only interested in your personality and the things that you do.

Habitat: It’s likely that some of them are already in your home.

Skills: Invulnerability, nothing can stop them. If something is done “this way” at home, it will transform into “it should have been done that way” if they are present at home.

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