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How Many Calories a Cup of Coffee Has

Today many people can’t imagine their morning without a cup of freshly-made coffee. Some like coffee without additives, others add cream and sugar to it, and others use a vegetable milk. However, the calorie content of this drink can increase several times thanks to additional ingredients.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how many calories a cup of coffee might have.

How many calories a cup of coffee without any additives has:

Pure black coffee without any additives almost doesn’t contain any calories. An average cup of this drink (8oz) has only 2 kcal.

What adds calories

Despite the fact that coffee itself contains almost no calories, drinks based on it can be very high in calories. It’s all because of the additional ingredients that it can contain. Milk, cream, syrups, ice cream, chocolate — all this makes coffee not only tastier but also more caloric. For example, only 1 tsp of sugar adds 16 kcal to a cup of black coffee, 1 portion of syrup adds 20 kcal, and 1 ounce of milk adds from 10 to 19 kcal.

Therefore, the more ingredients your coffee has, the more calories you will get. However, there are additives that almost don’t affect the caloric content of the drink, like cardamon, ginger, etc.

How many calories different types of coffee have:

  • An average cup (8 oz) of black coffee contains 18 kcal, a cup of coffee with skimmed milk contains 12 kcal, a cup of coffee with sugar and milk contains 28 kcal.
  • Espressos contain about 2 kcal, double espressos without sugar (2 oz) contain 5 kcal.
  • A cup of americano, which consists of 2 oz of espresso and water contains 5 kcal. If you add 1 tsp of sugar to the drink, its calorie content will rise to 21 kcal.
  • A cup of cappuccino with skimmed milk contains 38 kcal, the double portion has 97 kcal. A small cup of cappuccino with full-fat milk will have 59 kcal, the big one 159 kcal.
  • Flat white with skimmed milk will have about 61 kcal, with full-fat milk 97 kcal. The calorie content of the same drink with sugar will be about 116 kcal. The caloric value of a big portion of this drink can increase up to 176 (with skimmed milk) and even 281 (with full-fat milk).
  • A cup of latte with skimmed milk will have about 53 kcal. Lattes made with full-fat milk will have 83 kcal. A big portion of this drink will contain from 139 to 221 kcal depending on what milk is used to make the drink. Please note that the calorie content of the latte does not include the addition of syrup.
  • A cup of instant coffee contains about 4 kcal. If you add sugar, it will be 20 kcal, skimmed milk will be 14 kcal, and sugar and full-fat milk 39 kcal.

Most drinks, even if they have a little sugar and milk, contain relatively low to medium-high amounts of calories. However, sometimes coffee can be very high in calories.

  • Mocha with white chocolate contains about 310 kcal. Mocha with whipped cream contains 390 kcal (an 8-oz cup).
  • The calorie content of a cup of frappuccino (8 oz) with whipped cream, sugar, and syrup can reach 395 kcal.

❗ Please note that the calorie content of coffee drinks can vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. A lot depends on the volume of the beverage and the additives used with the coffee base.

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