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How to Care for Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a fashionable accessory; they can also be an important part of an outdoor lifestyle, which could make them prone to getting damaged very easily. However, there are certain things you can do in order to keep them in the best possible condition.

5-Minute Crafts will give you some tips to help you care for your sunglasses so they last longer.

1. Avoid leaving your sunglasses in the car, especially on the dashboard.

The intense heat caused by the windshield can damage the lens, the mirroring, and the anti-reflective coatings of your sunglasses.

Therefore, it’s advisable to always take them with you whenever you leave your car parked on a hot day. At the same time, if you’re driving, but you’re not wearing your sunglasses, store them in a hard eyeglass case to prevent them from getting damaged in case of falling or accidentally stepping on them.

2. Never wipe the lens when dry.

This is because there could be particles or dust that could scratch them. Moreover, it’s not recommended to use paper towels, your shirt, or any other rough materials to clean your sunglasses. Even though these may appear soft to the touch, they have an uneven surface that could easily damage the lenses.

💡 Remember to always clean your glasses with an approved lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth that has been specially made for this purpose.

🚫 Do not use vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or any other harmful cleaners.

🚫 Never breathe on your glasses to wipe them afterward.

💡 When cleaning your sunglasses, make sure you apply the cleaning solution to the microfiber cloth, not directly onto the lenses. These may have drill or screw holes that shouldn’t be in constant contact with liquids.

3. Don’t wear your sunglasses on top of your head.

Your sunglasses may stretch out and lose their shape and, as a result, slip off your face when wearing them, causing even more damage.

🚫 It’s not advisable to hang them off your collar or carry them in your pocket or handbag.

✅ Instead, opt for using a sunglasses cord or always storing them in a case.

4. Use both hands to put your sunglasses on or take them off.

This will prevent your frames from bending. At the same time, it’s recommended to avoid touching the lenses, as this may leave smudges and fingerprints on them.

5. Keep your glasses from getting lost.

This can be possible by having specific habits. For instance, it’s advisable to get a neck cord if you’re going on a trip and always store your sunglasses in the same place.

❗ Be careful when placing your sunglasses on restaurant tables, as you may forget them.

💡 Keep extra pairs of sunglasses if you’re likely to misplace or lose them.

6. Don’t leave your sunglasses with the lenses facing down.

This may cause scratches. Instead, rest them on the temples, making sure that the frames are facing up.

7. Be extra careful at the beach.

If you’re having a relaxing day at the beach, always keep your sunglasses stored if you’re not wearing them. The salty water can damage the metal parts and anti-reflecting coating, while the sand can get stuck in the frame and scratch your lenses.

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