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How to Choose a Bathroom Scale

A bathroom scale is a very useful gadget to have around, and not just for those who are trying to keep track of their weight. In fact, this device is also useful in everyday life. Fortunately, the range of bathroom scales is quite wide, but sometimes it’s so vast, we can’t decide which one to get.

5-Minute Crafts decided to find out what features you should pay attention to when choosing a bathroom scale. And now we know for sure what we need.

It’s important to understand what kind of information you want to receive from your scale in the first place. Because in the modern world, a scale has ceased to be a device that indicates your weight alone. There are models that have access to the Internet and your phone, and some can even calculate the percentage of your body fat.

Mechanical and electronic bathroom scales

First of all, there are 2 large categories of bathroom scales: mechanical and electronic. Each type has its own pros and cons.

The main advantage of a mechanical scale is the ease of use: it can be used by anyone, even a little child who knows numbers. This is because you just need to stand on the scale to get the results. Another advantage of mechanical models is that it doesn’t need batteries. This means that you don’t have to charge or change them, therefore spending your money.

But there is also a disadvantage: the mechanical scale imprecision can be as off as 2.2 pounds.

But an electronic scale has much less imprecision. Studies show that with a weight between 0 to 110 pounds, measurements of imprecision can be in the range of 0 to 0.7 pounds. Of course, this fact speaks in favor of an electronic scale. But don’t rush to the store to buy one just yet. It’s important to know the disadvantages too. For example, you may find it difficult to control the device — it may not be enough just to stand on the scale, you’ll also have to know how to turn it on and set it up. Also, an electronic scale is usually more expensive than a mechanical one. And, of course, you have to charge it or change its batteries periodically.

A variety of electronic scales

So, you’ve analyzed your needs and have come to the conclusion that an electronic scale is a more suitable option for you. Here are some tips to help you figure out what you should pay attention to when choosing a model.

It’s worth taking a look at scales that turn off automatically when you don’t stand on them. This way, you’ll prolong the battery life and won’t have to turn off the scale yourself every time.

As mentioned above, an electronic scale can show not only weight but also many other parameters, such as the percentage of body fat or the ratio of weight and height. There are also models that can synchronize with your smartphone or computer and send data directly to it, so it’s more convenient for you to monitor any measurement results.

It’s important to remember that in order to see the correct weight, you should use not only use a scale of high quality, but you should also weigh yourself the right way. 5-Minute Crafts already described how to weigh yourself properly, and the guide can be found at this link.

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