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How to Choose Jeans Based on Your Body Type

Jeans have been an important part of our wardrobe for a long time. But it can still be pretty difficult to choose the perfect jeans.

This 5-Minute Crafts article is going to tell you how to choose the right jeans for your body type. And this article will help you determine your body type correctly.


Very often, the women with this body type have narrow hips and slender legs but a voluminous torso and an undefined waist.

To balance out these proportions, remember the following rules:

  • Choose jeans with an average fit in order not to draw additional attention to the belly.
  • You can wear straight, boyfriend, skinny, and bootcut jeans.
  • It’s better not to wear jeans with a high or low waistline. The former attracts attention to the belly, and the latter will create a “muffin top” at the waist.
  • Don’t wear jeans with decorative elements near the waist. Choose simple models without any decorations at the top, and don’t use bright belts with big buckles.


This type of body doesn’t require any visual adjustments. To keep the proportions balanced, choose models that attract attention to the waist.

You can wear:

  • Straight jeans with a high waist, flared models, bootcut and skinny jeans.
  • Be careful with low-waist jeans. They can make the top of the body look longer and make the legs appear shorter than they are.
  • Baggy jeans may not only hide a beautiful body but also distort the proportions, so it’s better to avoid them.


The most important job for women with this body type is to draw attention away from the voluminous bottom part of the body.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Choose high-waisted jeans to attract attention to the top part of the body.
  • Wear dark and matte jeans. Light-reflective materials and light colors can make the lower part appear bigger and highlight the line between the top and bottom of the body.
  • A light flare from the hip can highlight the beautiful hip line and balance out the silhouette. Straight jeans with vertical lines or seams make the legs appear more slender.
  • You can wear flared, straight, bootcut, and skinny jeans if you are not afraid of highlighting the beauty of your legs.
  • Don’t wear models with visible pockets on the back or the front, or jeans with a belt on the hips.

Inverted triangle

Women with an inverted triangle body type have wide shoulders, narrow hips, and an undefined waistline. To balance out their shape, it’s better to increase the volume at the bottom part of the body.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Choose light jeans. They will make the bottom part look bigger.
  • You can easily buy models with big pockets and decorative elements to attract attention to the hips.
  • You can wear almost any model, but flared, boyfriend, straight, and culottes are the best types for you.


Women with a rectangle body type need to narrow their waist visually.

You can wear:

  • High-rise jeans
  • Straight cut, skinny jeans, and models that flare from the hip are great for you. You can also wear wide-leg jeans and boyfriend jeans to add more volume to your hips.
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