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How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day on Your Own

For some, Valentine’s Day is considered the most romantic day of the year because it’s a date to celebrate love. However, being single on this holiday is very common, and sometimes it’s even a good decision, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate love.

This is why 5-Minute Crafts compiled useful tips to help you take that day as a great opportunity to be thankful for all the love you have in your life and discover more about yourself.

1. Pamper yourself.

You need to love yourself first before giving love to others, so you can take this day as an opportunity to “spoil” yourself as you would someone you care for. Do the things you enjoy, for example:

  • Order takeout from your favorite restaurant.
  • Cook yourself a tasty dinner.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Treat yourself to a beauty treatment, spa day, a bubble bath, etc.

2. Get to know yourself better by doing something different.

Being single on Valentine’s Day could be a great excuse to immerse yourself in some self-care as well as self-discovery. Physical activity has a positive effect on the mood, so you can exercise or experiment with a new workout. A meditation or yoga session will help you feel good too. Being outdoors will connect you with nature. What better way to clear your mind than to go on a hike or a day trip for a new adventure?

3. Get in touch with someone you know.

Take the chance to celebrate other types of love and appreciate the people you have in your life. For example, reach out to someone who may be a family member, a friend, etc. If you haven’t seen or spoken to them in a while, do it via Facetime or your phone. You can even meet up with them in person. It’s a good idea to prepare some small gifts for them too, with things like flowers, cookies, a gift basket with goodies, a promise of more time spent together, etc.

4. Put your phone away.

Resist the urge to scroll through the feeds on social media to see what your friends are doing. Keep in mind that generally positive posts are shared there. On that day, you can either limit your time on social media, take a break, or venture into other activities, such as taking a virtual class or writing, for example.

5. Plan a date with single friends.

On February 14, making a plan is a good idea. If you have single friends, plan a Zoom date, or be in their company. You can organize some fun activities to pass the evening happily, including dancing, playing games, watching a movie together, cooking a meal, and more. This will fill your day with positivity and help you nourish your social skills too.

6. Be kind to others.

Practice some random acts of kindness on Valentine’s Day. Take your time to volunteer and do something nice for those in need. Visit an orphanage or people on the street, for example, and brighten their days. You can buy them food or clothes. It’s rewarding to help others because, not only does it strengthen your social skills, but it also makes you healthier and happier.

7. Work toward your personal goals.

The first person you should care for before caring for others is yourself. Think about your dreams and what you want to achieve in your life. Then set some goals, break them down into small steps, and create a plan to accomplish them. You can make it a tradition too. This way, every February 14, you can set aside some time to see how much closer to your goals you are and how much you’ve achieved. Now, that’s something to look forward to every Saint Valentine’s Day.

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