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How to Escape an Elevator That’s Stuck

One of the most underrated yet terrible fears among people, especially claustrophobics, is getting stuck in an elevator. Knowing the dos and don’ts for the sake of being prepared can come in handy if this ever happens to you. So 5-Minute Crafts has got you covered with a few tips on how to stay calm and escape the elevator with ease.

1. Stay relaxed.

When you’re calm, you tend to make wiser decisions when it comes to handling such situations. If there are other people with you in the elevator, try keeping them relaxed as well. You can also try taking deep breaths and counting down from 100 to keep the anxiety away.

2. Find a source of light.

After everyone has settled in, turn your mobile flashlight on to check how many people are in the elevator and to look for the elevator buttons. The presence of light will, in fact, calm the crowd down as well. You can also use a keychain light.

3. Use the elevator buttons.

On the elevator button panel, you can begin by pressing the alarm button or the phone button. Wait for someone to respond on the other end and help you assess the situation.

You can also use the “open” button to check if it works. If it doesn’t, then try the “close” button. If this still doesn’t work, press the button for the floor below you.

If none of the buttons are helping, dial 911 for assistance.

4. Ask for help.

If none of the elevator buttons are helping, check if your phone is receiving a signal, or ask others if they are, and use the emergency services by calling 911 for further assistance.

In case there’s no signal on your phone, yell and bang on the door to alert people of your situation. Make sure not to overdo it — you don’t want it to completely exhaust you.

5. Don’t try to open the doors by force.

In a situation like this, you may also want to resist the urge to pry the door open. This is because, if the elevator moves the moment the door opens, the people in the car are prone to fall out, which poses more danger.

6. Have patience and wait it out.

Make conversation with the people around you. Maybe this present moment with them stuck in the elevator could turn into a highly memorable one. You can also try playing icebreaker games to ease the tension while you wait for the elevator to get fixed by the professionals.

7. Move to the rear of the elevator.

After you’ve explained the stuck elevator situation to the professionals, it’s recommended to move to the rear of the car and face forward. When they try to open the door, it’s always a good idea to stay in the back and out of their way while they fix things.

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