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How to Fill Up Your Car Correctly

The skill of filling up a car’s tank can be useful for any driver. After all, not every gas station has special employees that do it for you.

5-Minute Crafts has made a step-by-step manual to help you fill up your car correctly.

When you should fill your car up

The dashboard of any modern car has a special indicator showing the level of gas in the tank. It usually turns on when there’s very little gas left in the car (around 5-9 liters) and shows the minimum level of fuel. At this point, the car can still make a few kilometers. Of course, after the indicator lights up, you will most likely be able to find a gas station nearby. But in order to prevent critical situations, experts recommend filling the car up in advance, around the point where there’s less than half a tank left.

How to fill up your car

❗ Before filling up your car, find out which type of fuel is right for it. It should be stated in the manual for your car.

Step № 1. Find out which side of your car the gas tank is located on. Based on that, drive up to the gas pump on the correct side.

Step № 2. Stop the car, turn off the engine, and use the handbrake. Also, according to the safety rules, you should leave the car while fuelling.

Step № 3. Remove the lid of the gas tank and screw the top off. Don’t put the screw on the car because it can leave scratches and grease stains.

Step № 4. Remove the fuel gun and put it into the tank. Make sure it’s fully in the tank, otherwise, it might fall out.

Step № 5. Pay for the fuel. Tell the cashier the number of the pump, the type of fuel, and the amount you need.

Step № 6. Return to your car and push the lever of the gun. The fuel will start to flow into the tank and you will hear it make noise.

Step № 7. As soon as the pump stops flowing the fuel, get the fuel gun out of the tank.
❗ Be careful because, at the moment, the leftover gas might get on your car. To prevent this from happening, keep the handle below the level of the tank and point the fuel gun up.

Step № 8. Put the fuel gun back on the pump, screw the top back on the tank, and now you can drive.

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