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How to Give Tough Feedback That Can Help People Grow

Giving difficult feedback is not always the easiest thing to do, but it’s necessary. 5-Minute Crafts has listed down 6 tips that can help you deliver tough feedback that can increase people’s performance.

1. Set the intention to help people grow.

Don’t just show people they are wrong, be sure they notice that you also want to help them grow. The feedback is supposed to increase people’s performance and not drain them. Be sure to reflect on what you want to say before you give the feedback.

2. Show that you’re open to listen.

Show openness so both parts feel more comfortable and nobody feels frustrated. Creating a connection with the other person will facilitate the way the others receive your feedback.

3. Invite the person into the problem-solving process.

Let the people that are receiving the feedback be part of the solution to solve the problem by asking questions like, “What ideas do you have? What are you taking away from this conversation? What steps will you take, when will you take them, and how will I know?”

4. Balance the tough feedback with positive comments.

Ensure that the other person feels valued and appreciated before discussing the tough feedback by balancing it with positive feedback as well. Make sure this type of feedback also feels authentic.

5. Be factual and objective.

When delivering negative feedback, be sure you stick to the facts and are objective, fair, and as straightforward as possible. This helps you to discuss the situation properly, and the other person will understand exactly what they’re doing wrong.

6. Give future-focused feedback.

Make sure that while giving feedback you’re also coming up with solutions for the future. Say what can be done to improve performance and that you are available to discuss everything at any point. Leave the conversation with both parties agreeing on what can be done, starting from that point.

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