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How to Have Fun as an Adult

Being an adult doesn’t mean you stop having fun. In fact, no matter what phase of life you’re in, you must always have fun. Apart from keeping you playful, it also helps in boosting productivity, creativity, and health as well. 5-Minute Crafts is listing the best ways to help you make the most of your playfulness.

1. Be curious.

Ask lots of questions with a smile on your face. It also releases dopamine and happy chemicals in your body, lowers your anxiety, keeps you satisfied with life, and improves mental health.

2. Create a play drawer.

Author Sarah Ban Breathmach recommends having a few small indulgences to pamper yourself with and to keep them in a “play drawer.” These indulgences can include things to do when you need a break from your work and wish to be silly for a while, like coloring books for adults, jigsaw puzzles, LEGOs, Play-Doh, and more.

3. Have a bubble-blowing competition.

Here, the rule of the game is the person who makes the biggest and fastest traveling bubble wins.

4. Call over a few friends for a play date.

On this play date, you can arrange some art supplies, costume pieces, and kids’ games, and have fun. The point is to have as much fun as possible. You can also plan this event with your significant other by going on a scavenger hunt or playing ball instead. Such activities keep playfulness alive.

5. If you’re a dog person, play with active dogs.

Dogs know how to have a good time simply by running and jumping. And if you don’t have a dog, you can borrow one from someone you know, spend some time at a dog park, or volunteer to look after the dogs at a shelter. If you don’t want to indulge in playing with them, you can simply watch them play instead.

6. Keep some kids’ toys at your desk.

Whenever you have a bad day at work, or if you’re simply bored, you can lighten the mood by playing with kids’ toys at your desk.

7. Dance like no one’s watching.

No matter if you’re doing it solo, with friends, or with strangers, in any style, or at any place, dance like you mean it without getting worried or stressed about anything.

8. Get out of your comfort zone.

Kids are born risk-takers, but when we become adults, we tend to stay in our safe place. Once in a while, we should gather the guts to do things that we never expected to do, like wearing hot pink pants to work. You can also try going to the movies alone or taking yourself out on a solo date.

9. Give out high-fives.

Sometimes kids hand out high-fives for no reason at all, and maybe we adults can give it a try too. Hand out hi-fives to somebody the next time you hear some good news. It feels amazing to be all hyped up about little things.

10. Get some sleep.

Sleep impacts your mood significantly. You might have noticed that when you don’t have proper sleep, you tend to become more grumpy, cranky, and prone to stress. But if you sleep well, your mood tends to be good. So the better your mood stays, the more you’re able to have fun as well.

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