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How to Keep Yourself Cool In Hot Weather

Severe heat is uncomfortable and can be extremely dangerous. However, there are some actions that can be taken to stay safe when it’s hot outside.

So, 5-Minute Crafts would like to share some tips to help you keep yourself cool in hot weather.

❗ Important: This article is for informational purposes only. Remember to consult with a specialist first, when necessary.

1. Stay hydrated

It’s super-important to drink water in the heat. On average, an adult needs about three-quarters of a gallon (3.4 liters) of fluid every day. If you don’t like plain water, try adding fruits or vegetables to it. It’s not recommended to drink caffeinated drinks as they are considered natural stimulants that can heat up the body. Sugary drinks are also a bad choice of beverage for the hot weather.

You can also eat some food that contains a big amount of water. For example, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, and zucchini consist of 95 — 96% water and tomatoes — 94%.

2. Wear sunscreen and appropriate clothes

  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect your skin. Follow the instructions on the package to apply it correctly.
  • Go for loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing in hot weather.
  • Don’t skip headwear: a wide-brimmed hat is perfect for summer days.
  • If you have a baby, don’t dress it in heavy clothing and don’t wrap them in warm blankets.
  • Choose to wear sunglasses in the summer. They will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and, as a bonus, they can be a great accessory.

3. Adjust your schedule

Specialists recommend staying in an air-conditioned environment during the heat. However, if you need to be or work outdoors, try to follow the tips:

  • Find shady areas and stay there during frequent breaks, so that your body can recover.
  • Try to do exercises or work that requires more physical activity in the mornings and evenings.
  • Take cool showers. They will help you to cool down.
  • Check your and other people’s condition. If you notice signs of a heat stroke (confusion, hot and red skin, high temperature, fainting, lack of coordination), seek medical attention immediately.
  • Check humidity level. The higher the humidity level during the heat, the faster sweat evaporates from our bodies. This means, that our natural cooling doesn’t work properly in that case. When it’s 92°F at 60% humidity, it is considered dangerous.
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