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7+ Things to Help You Check If You’re Dating the Wrong Person

Love can surely make you feel like you’re on top of the world, but it amounts to nothing if the person you’re dating makes you feel anxious, weary, and upset often. 5-Minute Crafts lists a few signs to know if you’re wasting your time with the wrong person, because we believe you’re worth so much more!

1. They put you down constantly.

With them, you feel like you can’t do anything right. They always make fun of your personality and embarrass you. You only feel accepted when you take on the demeanor of the person who is judging you.

2. You’re not able to confide in them.

When you have something serious to share with them, you always doubt if they’d respond respectfully or helpfully to you.

3. They think everything’s about them, and not you.

You have feelings, but your partner doesn’t acknowledge them. It feels like you can’t have a two-sided conversation where you feel heard and understood. Rather than accepting your feelings, they pick a fight with you until they get the last word.

4. There’s a lot of drama.

When you and your partner fight most of the time, and temper tantrums and name-calling are involved, it’s time to let them go. If you wish to fix this, both parties must give up the drama and talk it out in a healthy way.

5. You’re uncomfortable being yourself when you’re with them.

You feel constricted when you try to speak your mind. You tend to become an entirely different person in their presence just to feel accepted by them. A healthy relationship is where both partners embrace who they are. If you feel that you try too hard just to feel welcomed by them, you may need to reconsider your relationship.

6. You’re unable to enjoy good times with them.

Every new day feels like a challenge to you. You may also feel that they’re always nagging you. Remember, when they try to control your demeanor, it’s a sign that they’re trying to control your happiness as well.

7. They don’t care about your interests or projects.

Your partner gets judgmental when you share how important these things are to you and focus more on how they perceive your interests.

Bonus: They trigger you with loud chewing noises when they eat.

Your partner not being a follower of proper table etiquette can be a downer. But this can surely be overlooked from our side if we choose not to let those annoying chewing noises trigger us. Try taking deep breaths if you feel anxious or overwhelmed. Also, discuss the issue openly with your partner in a way that you don’t blame or shame them. If they care about you, they’ll surely understand what you’re going through.

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