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How to Make a Non-Newtonian Fluid

Non-Newtonian fluids don’t obey the same laws regular fluids do. They still have fluidity when at rest, and they change their viscosity when force is applied to them.

You can see what they are in a simple experiment that is especially interesting for kids. And 5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you what is needed for such an experiment.

What you need

  • Starch (potato or corn)
  • Water
  • Food colorant if needed
  • A deep bowl

How to do it

1. Add starch and water at a ratio of 2:1.

2. Stir the mix.

3. Try hitting the substance with your finger or your fist, and you’ll feel the liquid become more solid.

Now try to put your hand into the liquid. You’ll be able to do it easily.

4. Try stirring the liquid with your hands and make something out of it — it should hold its shape. When you stop doing something with it, it will look like water again.

5. You can pour the liquid into a tray and jump on it. When you stop, the legs will go deeper into the liquid.

6. If you’re doing an experiment with children, tell them that this liquid can be both a liquid and a solid. This happens because the starch particles get bigger in the water and make molecule connections. When force is applied, these connections hold the molecules together and the mix reacts like a spring. When no force is applied, the connections become weaker, and the molecules get separated.

Important: If you decide to use food coloring, remember that it might also color your skin.

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