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How to Make a Vision Board

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. There are many examples of how the use of this technique has contributed to career growth, helped people get rich, or reduced stress. One of the techniques that can help you visualize your dreams is to create a vision board.

5-Minute Crafts would like to offer a thorough manual on how to make a vision board.

What you’ll need to make a vision board

There are 2 basic methods:

  • Manually by using photos and paper clippings
    To make a vision board with your own hands, you may need the following materials: a big sheet of paper (e.g. A2 size) or a piece of old wallpaper, photos, magazine clippings with pictures and motivating text, glue, scissors, markers or pencils of different colors, decorative paper clips, scrapbooking paper, etc.
  • With the help of a photo editing program on a computer
    Many beautiful pictures from the internet will allow you to make a vision board right on your computer. You will need a quiet place, some time to select suitable images, and a photo editing program like Photoshop.

Important: Consider all of the pros and cons of each method to choose how you want to make your vision board. A digital board is faster, easier, and more convenient to make, and it requires a minimum of materials. However, you should bear in mind that you will invest less personal energy in creating this virtual vision board. Besides, this board may not be very convenient to use: if you use too many images for visualization, their details will be quite small, and this can ruin your work.

By making a vision board with your hands, you’ll get more opportunities for creativity. You’ll have more time to carefully study and feel every detail. However, this process will take much longer.

How to make a vision board with your own hands

1. Before you start designing your vision board, take some time to make a list of your wishes and dreams. Think about areas like family, friends, work, study, hobbies, travel, health, wealth, etc. Describe your dreams in detail and then proceed to the selection of pictures.

2. Use newspaper and magazine clippings, postcards, brochures, flyers and other paper pictures to illustrate your dreams. Take a close look at Pinterest: you can find many atmospheric and emotional photos there and print them out. You can also use pictures of yourself where you feel happy.

3. Think over the style of your future vision board. Listen to yourself and decide whether you want to style it using bright colors or using softer and muted tones. Will it be simple and concise, or dynamic, lively, and filled with important little details? Think over the design of the board and select the appropriate details. This has to be done before you start making the board, so that you won’t have to be distracted by the search for some missing element.

4. Prepare everything you need for the board: a base (a sheet of paper, corkboard, or a piece of old wallpaper), scissors, glue, pictures, and decorative elements.

5. Make the space favorable for creativity. Do it alone and remove all distractions, put everything you need around you, turn off your phone, and dim the lights. You can light candles and turn on pleasant music, make an herbal tea to tune in to the work.

6. Start gluing the pictures, moving from the center to the outer sections. Add inscriptions and details to the illustrations.

7. Keep the finished board away from prying eyes. Look at it as often as possible, at least once a day. Thus the visualization of your dreams will actively work.

How to make a vision board on a computer

1. Take some time to define your dreams. Think about each area of your life and make a list of what you would like to receive.

2. Select pictures in the internet that will symbolize and reflect your dreams as accurately as possible.

3. By using a photo editing program (like Photoshop), a PowerPoint presentation program, or an online graphic design service (such as Canva), place the pictures against a colored background, and add details and decorative elements.

4. Save your vision board and review it daily while visualizing your dreams.

Life hack: You can make your vision board the wallpaper on your computer desktop. This simple trick will help you to not forget about it and pay attention to it more often.

How to place pictures on the vision board

To reflect all areas of your life on the vision board, divide the selected pictures into certain sections.

  • The section of personality and health
    This section has to be located in the center of the board. It symbolizes you, your well-being, beauty, and health. Place your photo in the center. It should evoke only positive emotions in you. Distribute the pictures of your wishes around it. These can be images associated with youth and beauty, images of a healthy, toned body, a snow-white smile, and images that you associate with proper nutrition, sports, vitality, and energy.
  • The section of wealth and material well-being
    Here you can place pictures that depict material values, like an expensive car, a country house, jewelry, and just bundles of money — anything that you associate with financial stability and abundance.
  • The section of fame
    In this section, you can reflect on the dreams of your success. Images of diplomas, awards, certificates, medals, photos of people applauding, and some important conferences and forums will do. Also, pictures that symbolize good luck will be appropriate here.
  • The section of love and marriage
    This section can be filled with any pictures that you associate with romantic or family relationships. Photos of a couple in love, a wedding cake, a baby carriage, a bouquet of flowers, or an engagement ring are perfect.
  • The section of home and family
    This section should be filled with images that illustrate family values and home comforts. You can place a photo of a nice apartment or a country house, pictures showing interesting design solutions or a renovation process. If you want to make the relationship with your family stronger, place a photo of a happy family. If you’re interested in the relationships with your close friends, place pictures of joyful people doing something together.
  • The section of creativity and relationships with your children
    This is the section for those who want to become parents. Also you can reflect the dreams of your creative development here. You can also place the objects that you associate with your childhood in this sector, as well as photos of items related to your hobby, with a caption to specify your wishes.
  • The section of wisdom and knowledge
    Here you can visualize your dreams of learning, getting an advanced degree, or going to college. These can be desires associated with studying, taking any courses or training, and gaining wisdom in life.
  • The section of career
    This is the part of the board where you can place anything related to your job expectations. Attach a photo of a beautiful office, a good team, and any symbol of your relationship with your colleagues and management. This can also be a picture that shows your career growth, your own business, or a new profession of yours.
  • The section of mentoring and traveling
    In this section, you can illustrate your wildest dreams for vacations and traveling. You can also wish to find a mentor in any particular area.

Important details

  • Listen to yourself and only place your own desires on the board
    People around often put their hopes on us, and we can think that these are our own desires. While making your list, listen to yourself and ask 2 questions, “Do I really want this? Will my life be better when this dream comes true?” If your answers are “yes” to both questions, then this desire is entirely yours.
  • Choose pictures carefully
    The more colorful way you choose to illustrate your dreams, the better the effect can be. When choosing pictures, pay attention to the details and the atmosphere they show. Try to feel each image and select only those that sync with your soul.
  • Use as many details as possible
    The clearer you imagine your dream, the more chances you’ll have for it to come true. Do you dream of a car? Find a photo of the model you like, write down the details, like color, configuration, etc., on a sticker and attach it to the picture. Do you want to learn something new? Describe the learning process in detail and the results of it.
  • Use positive wording
    When describing your dreams, don’t use negative wording, phrases that limit your desires, or future or past tenses in your sentences. For example, you shouldn’t write, “I want to not get sick this year.” The right way to say it is, “I am healthy and full of energy.” The phrase, like “I will marry John Smith this year” won’t work either. The better way to put it is “I am happily married to a person who loves me. I feel cared for and protected.”
  • Don’t leave empty spaces on the board
    Since the vision board symbolizes your perfect life, you shouldn’t leave any gaps in it. Let it be bright, holistic, and full of meaning.
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