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How to Make an Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower can be a great idea, especially in summer. This simple device will help you feel fresh and comfortable on hot days.

5-Minute Crafts would like to share a few simple ways to make an outdoor shower.

A simple shower made from a garden hose

  1. Purchase a shower head and attach it to a garden hose.
  2. Choose a tall tree in your garden and wrap the hose 4-5 times around the branch.
  3. To make a screen that will hide you from prying eyes, you can use an old hula hoop. Attach a shower curtain to it, then place them on the same branch as the hose with the shower head.
  4. You can pave the shower floor with gravel for drainage.
  5. Connect the hose to your home plumbing system and take a shower.

Water bag shower

If it’s important that your shower is mobile, use a special black water bag.

  1. Attach a hose with a nozzle to the bag, fill the bag with water, and leave it in the sun. Wait a while for the water to heat up well.
  2. Hang the water bag in a convenient place, like on a tree branch.
  3. Let the water flow freely under gravity and take a shower.

More durable shower construction

If you need a permanent outdoor shower, you can choose a special place for it and mount the shower stall there.

  1. Plan the shower drainage.
    Before you build the base or shower tray, install a drain and connect it to your home’s sewer system. You can also make a drain that will redirect the water flowing from the shower to the garden, or build a dry well filled with gravel that will allow water to slowly soak into the ground.
  2. Make a base or install a shower tray.
    If you have the shower drain connected to the sewer, you can fill the base with concrete or use some other non-porous material. In this case, the base should have a drainage filter and a slope that redirects water from the tray to the main drain. If you choose not to connect the drain to the sewer, use cement pavers, wood, or composite decking as a base for your shower. You can also purchase a ready-made shower tray and simply install it.
  3. Build walls or a shower stall.
    You can use wood, rigid vinyl, or any other durable material that can support the weight of the shower head and heating element. If you want to, you can equip the entrance to the shower stall with a door or curtain. Get creative and decorate your shower stall the way you want.
  4. Install a shower head.
    Pound a metal rod about 6 feet long into the ground next to the shower tray and strap the shower riser (or the long pipe that connects to the showerhead) to it with cable ties.
  5. Connect the water.
    Attach a garden hose to the riser and connect its other end to your water supply. If you don’t plan to use running water, you can install a water tank on top of the structure and let the sun heat it up for several hours. As soon as the water heats up, attach the hose to the shower head and put the other end of the hose into the tank.
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