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How to Make Hand Shadows

Hand shadows, also known as shadow puppets, can be a fun and easy way to keep your children entertained. Moreover, these shapes can enhance your storytelling sessions by adding visual characters and a bit of realism to each tale.

5-Minute Crafts will show you 10 animal figures that you can easily make using your hands, a light source, and a white wall or screen.

1. Deer

  • With your right hand, rest your index on your middle finger and overlap your pinky on your ring finger. At the same time, bend your thumb at the joint. With your left hand, curl your fingers by keeping them separated. Then put the backside of your left hand over your right hand, right where your thumb starts.

2. Crab

  • Stretch all your fingers and bend each thumb until they rest right at the base of your index fingers. Then cross your hands as shown in the example.

3. Flying bird

  • With both hands, stretch out your fingers and keep them together, leaving the thumbs perpendicular to the other fingers. Then bring your thumbs together as in the example, making sure that your palms are facing you.

4. Swan

  • First of all, push up your sleeves as high as possible. Bend your right arm at the elbow and stretch your pinky and ring fingers in a horizontal position. Then curl your index and middle fingers loosely and move your thumb up so that it rests on their tips. Finally, extend your left hand and hold it at your elbow joint as in the example.

5. Greyhound

  • With your left hand, extend your right thumb and close the rest of your fingers together. With your right hand, bend your thumb outward. Then overlap your index over your middle finger and move your left middle finger down until you reach the index finger of your right hand.

6. Horse

  • Bend your right hand at the wrist to form a 90º angle along with the forearm. Extend your right thumb by keeping your other fingers joined. With your left hand, bring your fingers together and stretch out your thumb. Finally, stretch your left hand, making sure that it’s parallel and close to your right hand.

7. Dog

  • With both hands, stretch your pinky, ring, and middle fingers in a perpendicular position to the thumb. Bend your index fingers inward and move your pinky fingers apart from the ring finger to resemble an open mouth. Then bring both hands together, forming a “V” shape with your thumbs. Finally, place your left index finger on the right one.

8. Goat

  • With your right hand, bend your ring, middle, and index fingers loosely so that they’re perpendicular to your palm. Curl your pinky by pointing it slightly downward. Raise your thumb and keep it in an extended position.
  • With your left hand, bend your thumb inward and form a small V with your index and middle fingers. Then bend your ring and pinky fingers. Finally, place your left hand on top of the right one.

9. Rabbit

  • With your left hand, fold your pinky and ring fingers and extend your middle finger. Then bend your index finger toward your thumb.
  • With your right hand, bend your index finger at both joints. Curl your thumb slightly by letting the tip rest against the tip of your index finger. Then stretch out your pinky and ring fingers, making sure that they’re perpendicular to your thumb. Separate your middle finger from the pinky and ring fingers until forming a “V.” Finally, bring the back of your right hand over your left hand.

10. Giraffe

  • With your left hand, stretch your fingers so that they’re perpendicular to your thumb. With the fingers of your right hand, grip the part between the thumb and the extended fingers. Finally, raise the right thumb, making sure that it’s parallel to the left thumb.
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