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How to Make Your Loved One Feel Special

There are many ways to show your partner how much you love them. However, sometimes you want to go the extra mile to let them know how much you appreciate them and how special they are to you. 5-Minute Crafts will tell you how to do it.

1. Give them longer hugs.

Communicate your feelings to your partner physically, for example, through hugging them. Cuddles can help to reduce stress by making them feel supported, protected, and happier. On average, the length of a typical hug is around 3 seconds, but don’t be scared of doing it with your loved ones for longer. When you cuddle for at least 20 seconds, you release a love hormone. It allows you to be physically closer with each other and will show your great affection.

2. Ask for their advice.

If something in your life is bothering you, don’t leave your problems for yourself or your friends. Instead, open up to your significant other. Ask for their opinion and let them give you some advice. Even if they can’t help you to solve everything, it will show that they play an important role in your life and have weight in your decision-making.

3. Appreciate the things they enjoy.

Taking part in hobbies is one of those times that allows us to relax, take some time for ourselves, feel happier, and grow as a person. Even if you might have different passions, it’s important to show respect and support for the things your spouse enjoys. You can actively participate by asking questions about the things your partner likes, learning some terminology, and getting more familiar with the processes. This way, you’ll make your significant other feel loved for who they are and increase their self-worth. Also, it’s a great way to bond with each other.

4. Make quality time for each other.

No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s always good to create a moment where everything is just about you 2. Prepare a romantic dinner at home, go on a picnic together, visit their favorite places, or just watch stars in the night. Pick an option that you and your significant other will enjoy the most.

5. Make them feel safe.

Emotional safety in a relationship is crucial because it makes your partner feel seen, listened to, understood, and valued for it. Allowing your significant other to show their weaknesses and share their fears will create a stronger connection between you both. When discussing issues with them, listen actively, avoid judgment, practice compassion, and don’t forget about positive feedback.

6. Make them happy with small things.

You can also show your affection through little actions. For example, this could be by sending your loved one cute messages throughout the day, making them their favorite foods, taking over the household duties for a while, or making them a relaxing bath. By making your partner smile, you will brighten their day and make them feel happy and loved when they’re by your side.

7. Make them your priority.

Sometimes things can get rather busy and filled up with studies, work, or friends. It’s important to show your partner that you want them to be included in every aspect of your life. Don’t let your significant other feel left out or neglected. Instead, invite them to places and let them participate in different events with you.

8. Give them space.

Personal space is necessary for everyone to recharge, get their thoughts together, and reduce stress. Also, being on your own from time to time can bring some freshness to the relationship and make it stronger. That’s why you need to pay close attention to your partner and know when it’s better for them to stay on their own. Don’t be scared to ask them if they need space, and respect it.

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