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How to Master Kissing

A kiss is perhaps the most intimate form of communication between 2 people, which is why it is so important to feel confident in the moment you are kissing someone. Practicing kissing is a good idea if you want that moment to give you maximum pleasure.

So, we have created a simple and useful guide with which you can improve your kissing technique.

1. The fruit method

The first method by which you can learn to kiss involves a mango or a plum.

  • Step 1: Pick the perfect fruit in terms of shape and firmness. Optimal options: mango or plum, because they are soft enough to give you the feeling like you are kissing an actual person.
  • Step 2: Bite into the fruit to create a small hole in it so that you can work out.
  • Step 3: You can start by kissing the fruit lightly, with little or no pressure, and then gradually increase the pressure and use your tongue. Remember to maintain the right rhythm and make gentle, gradual movements with your tongue.

2. The hand method

For the second method, you will need nothing more than your own hands.

  • Step 1: First, you need to create a kind of lip look with your intertwined fingers. Bend the fingers of your left hand to make the letter O, with your thumb resting on top of the others.
  • Step 2: Insert the right thumb into the hole formed by the left hand. Each thumb bent at the second joint will look like a pair of lips.
  • Step 3: Press your lips lightly against the resulting “partner’s lips” and start practicing soft kisses.
  • Step 4: Gradually begin to use your tongue, gently running it over the fingers that act as your partner’s “lips.”
  • Step 5: Gradually try to increase the force and pressure of the kiss.

3. Practice with another person

However, the most comfortable and effective way to learn how to kiss well would be to kiss someone with whom you feel most secure. Choose someone you trust, with whom you will be able to open up easily. You can ask your friend to help you if the level of trust between you allows it.

Here are some simple tips:

  • Only kiss those who like you. If the person doesn’t feel any affection toward you, they are unlikely to want to kiss you, so don’t expect them to help. It’s better to find someone else for that purpose.
  • Flirting is an important precursor to a kiss. Flirt with the person you want to kiss, and you’ll be surprised how much quicker it happens.
  • Compliment your kissing coach and look at their lips more often to make your intentions clearer. Don’t be afraid to touch them, embrace them, in general, follow your instincts, and make sure that the person is just as comfortable and that your desire is the same.

4. Something before the kiss

The moment before a kiss is important because it sets the mood. There are a few simple rules that you can follow to make it really special.

  • To avoid unpleasant and awkward situations, be sure that your partner is really interested in kissing at the moment. Don’t be afraid to clarify this with a simple question: “Can I kiss you?”.
  • Make eye contact with your partner before the kiss itself. This way you can make the moment more intimate and romantic. A deep mutual gaze will create the right atmosphere and give you an extra emotional feeling.
  • Keep it fresh. If possible, refresh your breath before kissing with mouthwash or gum.
  • Remember to not overload your head with unnecessary thoughts at that moment. Don’t over-complicate or over-analyze what’s going on, remember that kissing is a natural act, and there’s no need to try too hard.

5. Make the kiss unforgettable.

Finally, the moment to kiss has arrived. Follow our advice, and it will be truly perfect.

  • Start with soft, gentle kisses, gradually moving on to more vigorous action. Don’t be afraid to use your hands. However, don’t grab your partner harshly or stiffly. Instead, touch the back of your partner’s neck or waist: gently and sensually.
  • Try different pressure and movements, alternating the rhythm and strength of the strokes with your tongue, during the so-called “French” kiss. Don’t forget to pay attention to your partner’s reactions.
  • Try kissing your partner’s cheeks, neck, and other body parts. The kiss doesn’t have to be limited to the mouth area at all.
  • Close your eyes — this will enhance the sensuality of the moment. Not knowing exactly what’s coming next will give you a pleasant thrill.
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