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How to Open a Frozen Car Lock

Car windows freeze way more often than doors. But when the humidity is high and the temperature is low, the door and the lock may get frozen. So what should you do if you realize you can’t get inside the car?

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you how to open a frozen lock.

If you can, try turning on the engine from a distance.

If you’re not in a rush and have 10-20 minutes to spare, use the button on your key to turn on the engine. The car will heat up from the inside and the ice in the lock will melt.

❗It might not work if the layer of ice on the door is really thick.

Push the frozen door.

If you can open the lock but can’t open the frozen door, try leaning on the door with your shoulder and pushing it quickly. You can crack the ice around the door and open the car.

Use hot water.

Prepare enough hot water and a towel. Pour some water on the door, the handle, and the sealant if they’re frozen. Don’t rush and let the water melt the ice. After the ice layer gets thinner and you can open the door, use the towel to remove the water and avoid the situation again.

❗Don’t use boiling or extremely hot water in order not to damage the windows and the coating of the car. Also, if the temperature is really low, you can’t use this method because it will freeze quickly and make the situation even worse.

Try using a hairdryer.

hairdryer can be a good alternative to hot water (if you have a power source). Make sure the car’s surface doesn’t get too hot.

❗In order to avoid damaging the handles and other parts, keep the hairdryer at least 7 cm-10 cm (3-4 inches) away from the car.

Use a car de-icer.

Using a special de-icer for cars is the best way to defrost the lock. Spray the de-icer on the frozen parts and wait for several minutes. Not only will it melt the ice, but it’ll also help you avoid such situations in the future.

Use rubbing alcohol or windshield washer.

If you can’t buy a special de-icer, use a windshield washer or rubbing alcohol. These liquids are flammable, so be careful with them. Also, using rubbing alcohol again may lead to damage to the rubber sealant.

Heat up the key.

If you can’t put the key into the door, try heating it up with a lighter. For a few seconds, heat the metal part of the key and then put it into the lock. Keep heating the key up until you can make a full turn.

Remember: It’s easier to prevent freezing than to get rid of the consequences.

  • Keep the car in the warmth and use any shelter to protect it from rain, snow, and cold.
  • Before you leave a car outside overnight, put a plastic bag or a waffle towel between the door and the sealant. It may help you prevent the door from freezing.
  • Put special silicone sprays on the door sealants to protect them from freezing.
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