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How to Prepare for an Exam

Exams and stress often go hand in hand. To prevent this, it’s best to stay prepared by doing simple things ahead of time. This way, you make sure that you’re confident and ready for anything that turns up on the exam.

5-Minute Crafts came up with several tips to help you get ready for exam day.

1. Avoid all-nighters.

According to research conducted by Texas A&M University, the brain loses efficiency with each hour of sleep deprivation. Not sleeping decreases performance when it comes to learning and memory tasks. Try to avoid those long all-nighters and aim to study during the day, when the body reaches peak cognitive efficiency.

2. Review past exams.

Reviewing past exams can be a great way to practice for future ones. Use the questions from previous exam papers to prepare and build confidence. But use them only as a starting point; the format and topics may vary significantly from year to year.

Consider which topics were covered and the types of questions (whether they’re multiple-choice, essay, short answer) you were asked. Try answering the questions and go back to your notes to see how well you did.

3. Organize a study group.

A study group made up of a group of people dedicated to getting good grades can be pretty helpful. This is an excellent opportunity to review each other’s notes, discuss chapters or topics, and be better prepared for the exam. A tip for everyone to keep focused is to plan ahead of time what you want to cover in that session and in what order you’ll cover it.

4. Snack on brain food.

If you’re a student preparing for an upcoming exam, a well-balanced diet is essential for keeping your body and mind nourished. Ditch the junk food and choose foods that are beneficial to brain health and mental performance. A few examples include:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Avocados
  • Berries

5. Keep everything organized and avoid distractions.

Maintaining a clean and organized study space is important to every student, both at school and at home. A few examples of this are organizing your desk and drawers, keeping them free of clutter, and having a comfortable chair, good lighting, and an appropriate room temperature. Avoid distractions that can break your focus, like noisy TV and social media.

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