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How to Save Space in a Small Bedroom

It is important to have your stuff in order and not kept all over the place for many reasons. Order and cleanliness, especially in a small living space, make our lives easier. You can use your storage space efficiently to make sure that even a small bedroom is organized. Here are some easy-to-follow tips that 5-Minute Crafts has prepared for you.

1. Use space-saving shelves.

There are a few types of shelving that can turn out to be very useful in your small bedroom because they mean using space in a smart way:

  • Floating shelves. Buy or DIY a few floating shelves for books or things you use on a daily basis. Mount multiple shelves, one above the other, to maximize your space. You can also mount them above your bed, but beware this is not recommended in areas that are at risk for earthquakes.
  • Shelves for unusable spaces. For example, install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls or above your bedroom door.
  • Double-duty furniture. Make your furniture multifunctional by using a shelf as a desk or as a dressing table. A lamp with shelves could also serve as a convenient nightstand or phone charging area. Or even try to use your old furniture by building bookshelves from old dresser drawers.
  • Mobile shelves. Create your own rolling library or build a balancing bookshelf.
  • Cover your shelves with other furniture. Install shelves and cover them with sliding mirrors.

2. Use the space around your bed.

Under-bed storage space is, for sure, a perfect hidden space for storage. There are ways in which you can find additional storage space around your bed as well. For example:

  • Use beds with storage. Buy or DIY your own under bed storage, like a bed frame with drawers. You can add wheels to it to make it easily accessible. A headboard with sliding storage is a practical solution as well.
  • Raise your bed. Raise your bed with bed risers or with a new frame. This way you can significantly increase the under-bed space.
  • Try a loft bed. This piece of furniture will grant you both space for rest and office space, which is especially convenient for people who work from home.
  • Use the space under the mattress. Fold your bed sheets and store them under your mattress.

3. Get creative with desks and nightstands.

Alternative desks and nightstands can work in a bigger space as well, but they are perfect for small bedrooms as they save space and may have a double function.

  • Nightstands. Stack old suitcases to make a cute vintage nightstand and to have storage space for items that you don’t use often, like winter blankets or jackets. Mount a practically invisible nightstand for basic bedside things by using simple picture ledges or make a floating nightstand. On the other hand, you can use a nightstand with drawers as a dresser. Nightstands without drawers can serve as desks, because they give you the necessary leg space.
  • Low space desks. Hang a floating desk on the wall or make a DIY hanging table. Buy a hideaway desk or mount a fold down desk.

4. Make use of window space and old ladders.

In small space scenarios, we can utilize more ways of storing stuff by creating higher storage space.

  • Use the space next to the windows. Use a windowsill to place cute decorations and books or make it your work area. You can also consider adding a window seat with drawers or cubicles to your bedroom.
  • Use old ladders. Use an old ladder as a clothing rack. Make cute DIY ladder storage by hanging S hooks and baskets on a ladder both in the bathroom and in the bedroom.

5. Try to use walls, doors, and even the ceiling for storage.

Walls and doors can be underestimated in terms of storage options. Nevertheless, there are some clever ways to make use of them too.

  • Closet walls. Do your best to use every little bit of closet wall space. Hang a pegboard in your closet for accessories, like belts or hats, or hang a cork wall for jewelry storage. Add hooks to the back of your closet wall behind your clothing rack. You might even DIY a full-length mirror jewelry cabinet, like the medicine cabinets people usually use in bathrooms.
  • Closet doors. Use the back of a closet door by hanging pegs for storing light shoes.
  • Room walls. Mount your coat rack on the wall by using simple space-efficient wall hooks. You can also consider hanging magazine racks on the wall or even hang your yoga mat. Hiding keys behind your artwork or framed photos is a simple but efficient idea that only requires screwing n a couple of hooks and adding hinges to your picture frame.
  • Doors. Hang your laundry holder on the back of your bedroom door. If you are into cute DIY tricks, try to make a tiny corner closet from an old door with wooden supports attached to the wall. When you add hooks and a mirror to it, it can serve as both storage and as a mini-dressing area.
  • Ceiling. Buy hanging fruit baskets and store socks, hats, toys, and other soft items inside. Suspending your bicycle from the ceiling is also an interesting space-saving idea. However, make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t present any potential danger.

6. Use hacks for maximizing closet storage.

Besides making your own closet organizing system or creating your own stand-alone closet, there are some other closet-related storage recommendations that could be helpful:

  • A higher clothing rod. Hang the clothing rod higher up. You’ll free up more space in the lower part for new shelves.
  • A branch as a clothing rack. Hang a branch for a cute and unique stand-alone closet.
  • A corner clothing rack. This can be easily made with PVC pipe.
  • Drawer organizers. A cheap solution to maximize your drawer storage is to use drawer organizers. Place several of your smaller containers in a bigger drawer for instance.
  • Canvas totes. Store your items in canvas totes, since they are pliable containers and easy to press in shape and transport without breaking. These are not meant for storing fragile objects.
  • DIY hangers. Hang hangers vertically with soda tabs or with chains. Use shower curtain rings to store your tank tops. Use S hooks instead of wooden hangers to hang your pants and jeans full-length. These tricks are more efficient with higher clothing rods.
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