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How to Shave Your Face the Right Way

Millions of men get hold of a razor and do the same procedure every day — they shave off their facial hair. It’s easy to assume that nothing could be easier. However, this activity requires some special knowledge.

At 5-Minute Crafts, we decided to make an article about face shaving for our readers.

What you should start with

Facial hair is quite strong. Therefore, it should be softened and moisturized before shaving. It is advisable to shave after taking a shower, but, of course, this is not always convenient and can take a lot of time. If this is not possible, it’s enough to moisten the face and hair with warm water for several minutes.

After that, you should apply shaving foam or gel to the skin. If you skip this step, you may cut or scratch your skin with the blade. If you have sensitive skin, choose a shaving foam or gel that says “sensitive skin” on the label.

How to move the razor

So, your face has been washed and covered with a lather, and you’ve picked up the razor. What’s next? First, you need to determine the angle of contact of the razor with the skin. If it’s too deep, you can cut yourself. If it’s too shallow, shaving will be ineffective. An angle of about 30° is considered the most suitable. It’s also important not to press hard on the razor and not to shave the same place many times, as our skin is quite delicate and sensitive, even if it doesn’t seem to be at first glance. And if you neglect these recommendations, you can damage your skin.

In what direction should you move the razor?

Don’t move the razor in the direction of natural hair growth. However, you may notice that the skin won’t become as smooth as you’d like it to be this way. There is a way out: first, move the razor with the hair growth; second, move it across the hair growth; and third, gently move the razor against the hair growth. This way, you will reduce the chance of cutting your skin. We showed the directions in which you should move the razor in order to achieve the optimal result in the image above.

After shaving

After you’ve finished shaving, wash off the lather and excess hair from the face with warm water. Then carefully examine your face again to make sure you haven’t missed any sections. After that, apply a soothing toner to the skin (not an alcohol-based one, preferably one with vitamins and aloe extract), and then a light moisturizer.

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