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How to Sleep in the Summer

It’s no secret that the summer can be a lot of fun, as we can make the most out of different outdoor activities. However, sleeping on hot nights can become a real challenge since the external temperatures can affect your natural thermoregulation and prevent you from getting the amount of rest you need.

5-Minute Crafts has created this article to help you keep your body cool during summer nights.

1. Make sure sunlight doesn’t get into your bedroom.

Drawing the shades or curtains during the day and not opening them until bedtime can help your bedroom stay cool, even if it’s really hot outside.

💡 Blackout curtains can be very effective when trying this as they’re specially designed to block sunlight.

2. Store your bedding.

Keeping blankets, quilts, or any other piece of bedding on your bed during the whole day can increase your sweating during the night, which can alter your sleep as your body tries to reduce its temperature. Therefore, it’s advisable to store your bedding in the closet or a cupboard until it’s cool again.

3. Avoid exercising close to bedtime.

Physical activity can be beneficial for a good night’s sleep, as it boosts your sleep quality and makes you fall asleep more easily. However, exercise can also do the opposite as it increases your ideal body temperature, preventing you from falling asleep at your usual bedtime.

4. Choose the right nightwear.

While insulating or thick clothes will raise your body temperature and make you feel warmer during summer nights, loose, cotton nightclothes can keep you fresh by making the heat disappear and allowing breathability. Moreover, they will absorb any excess sweat coming from your skin.

5. Turn on your fan.

First, a fan can be a lot cheaper than turning on your air conditioner. Also, running one during the night can help you keep the air flowing and push the heat out of your bedroom. Just remember to have an open window.

If it’s too hot, you can place a bowl with some ice in it right in front of your fan so that the breeze gently wafts the cold vapor from the ice cubes, creating a fresh mist.

6. Pay attention to your sleeping position.

Your sleeping position can affect your body temperature as it can either help you release or retain heat. Sleeping with your body curled up may make you feel warmer, and spreading your legs and arms wide open can promote air circulation and reduce sweating.

7. Stay away from your partner and pets.

Although cuddling up during cold nights can be very nice, it’s not the same when it’s hot. When you and your partner get too close to each other, you end up sharing body temperatures, which can create heat between your bodies and prevent you from lowering your temperature to an ideal level for a good sleep. This also happens when sleeping with cats or dogs.

For this reason, it’s important to keep your distance from your sleeping companions, or even better, sleep alone.

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