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How to Store Knives

As much as you enjoy making food and spending time in the kitchen, it is equally important to know a clever way to store your knives and blades to extend their life, while keeping them sharp and safe.

5-Minute Crafts rounded up some clever and convenient tips on how to store your knives and blades whether you want them stored away or on display to add to your kitchen’s aesthetics.

1. Prepare your knives for storing

One of the most important rules of storing knives and blades is to know how to wash and dry them. Don’t leave them in the water in the sink for hours at a time. Hand-wash and dry them immediately after use. This prevents corrosion and rust that may occur, even on stainless-steel sharps. Don’t wash them in the dishwasher since the blades and handles may get damaged.

Finding smart storage solutions depends on how many knives you have and how much space you have on the countertops and in the drawers. To keep the edges sharp for as long as possible, don’t tuck your sharps into one of your drawers and have it get mixed up with other tools and gadgets.

2. Use a magnetic knife strip

These wall-mounted magnetic strips provide a nice display on the wall that can keep your drawers and countertops free from cutlery. Make sure the magnet in the bar is very strong, and that it can carry the weight of the knives you attach, or else the sharps may fall.

Also, if you’re not gentle, your knives might get scratches due to the impact of the blades. Magnetic strips come in a variety of choices: stainless steel, wood, a combination of the 2, wood-coated, etc.

Warning: This method may not be safe if you have small children or pets that can jump up on the counter.

3. Use knife blocks

Extending the lifetime of your knives is possible with knife blocks (stands). Make sure the knives fit into the size of the slots, or else the edges may get damaged. To do so, slide the knife in pressing from the backside of the blade/knife against the block.

🔪Keep in mind: Specks of dust, crumbs, moisture, etc. can accumulate in the small slots which may make it hard to sanitize the blocks. Therefore, keep your knives clean and insert them into the blocks immediately after each cleaning.

4. Use magnetic knife blocks

Magnetic knife blocks (stands) share common properties with magnetic strips and woodblocks in that they occupy space on the counter without the need for wall space.

Warning: Keep in mind that the knives will be openly displayed — this may raise some safety concerns, especially when you have children or pets at home.

5. Use in-drawer knife blocks and organizers

In-drawer is an out-of-the-way method that is safer than a magnetic strip method for storing your knives and blades smartly. It is a safe method and an easy to clean one too. All you need is just an empty drawer. You can group your knives according to their sizes and types in different slots. In-drawer knife blocks can be purchased from a specialized kitchen store, online, etc.

6. Use sheaths

Sheaths protect each knife and blade individually. They are affordable, easily found, and are a good temporary option if you have to transport your knives. They are a great option if you don’t have many knives. However, if you have too many knives with separate sheaths it can get annoying to unwrap or rewrap a specific knife.

🔪Keep in mind: To prevent moisture from getting into the sheath, make sure you dry your knives well before storing them.

7. Use under-cabinet knife storage

Using an under-cabinet storage space provides an easily accessible hidden spot for your sharps, which makes it a smart small-space storage solution. You can customize the design and the type of wood according to your liking. Pulling your knives up or down within arm’s reach provides convenience and a safe environment if you have children and pets jumping around.

8. Use a base utensil pull-out cabinet

This base utensil pantry pull-out cabinet with a knife block offers a convenient solution for storing knives in various shapes and sizes. This method is good for maximizing your counter space.

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