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How to Take a Perfect Selfie

Taking a good pic of yourself might not seem at all hard. However, small details like your facial expression, the wrong light, or camera angle can easily spoil a seemingly good shot. 5-Minute Crafts has compiled 15 tricks that will turn your selfies into perfection!

1. Say “money,” not “cheese.”

2. Elongate your neck.

3. Wear your hair to one side.

4. Use a three-quarter angle to make your nose appear smaller.

5. In many situations, a three-quarter look is a better choice.

6. Position your camera higher to make your eyes appear bigger.

7. Show your natural emotions.

8. Cross your legs at the ankle for a thinner waistline.

9. Position your camera lower to make your lips appear bigger.

10. Find your good angle.

11. Use a mirror on unusual backgrounds for fairy-tale-like photos.

12. Use lace for dreamy effects.

13. Place a small cardboard phone holder on your ceiling for top-view photos.

14. Use your leg if you don’t have a selfie stick.

Note: This hack only works with open shoes!

15. Cut out some rectangles from a piece of cardboard and place it on a lamp for a sunset effect.

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