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How to Understand Paper Size by Its Format

It’s not that easy to navigate through various paper formats. While we all have heard and worked with A4 and we can have an approximate idea of what the size of an A4 sheet will be, but we might get lost in guesses when it comes to A3 or A0 formats.

5-Minute Crafts prepared an illustrative cheat sheet that will help you sort out all the standard sizes of paper and paper envelopes.

Standard sizes of paper

Here are the main sizes of paper according to the international ISO 216 standard:

  • А0 — is used for creating technical drawings and printing posters. Its size is 841×1,189 mm.

  • А1 — is used for creating technical drawings, printing geographical maps, posters, and large-format advertising materials. Its size is 594×841 mm.

  • А2 — is used for drawing, making flipcharts, printing photos, graphics, posters, and large wall calendars. Its size is 420×594 mm.

  • А3 — is used to print drawings, artwork replicas, posters, photos, magazines, certificates, leaflets, and much more. It is also a popular format for conference booklets and park guides. Its size is 297×420 mm.

  • А4 — is the classic format for printers. It is used for creating big notepads, printing documents, kids’ books, encyclopedias, magazines, and leaflets. Its size is 210×297 mm.

  • А5 — is a popular format for notepads, books, magazines, leaflets, and fliers. Its size is 148×210 mm.

  • А6 — is a format for postal and greeting cards as well as leaflets, pocket-sized books, and notepads. Its size is 105×148 mm.

  • А7 — is a small format that is used for printing mini-calendars, planners, leaflets, and greeting cards. Its size is 74×105 mm.

  • А8 — is used for printing business cards, loyalty cards, mini-greeting cards, stickers, and labels. Its size is 52×74 mm.

Standard sizes of paper envelopes

There are the following sizes of envelopes available:

  • С4 — fits А4 sheets fully or A3 sheets folded in half. Its size is 229×324 mm.

  • С5 — fits A5 sheets fully, A4 sheets folded in half, or A3 sheets folded in quarters. Its size is 162×229 mm.

  • С6 — fits A6 sheets fully, A5 sheets folded in half, or A4 sheets folded in quarters. Its size is 114×162 mm.

  • DL — fits А5 sheets folded in half or A4 sheets folded in thirds. Its size is 110×220 mm.

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