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JLo and Ben Rekindled Their Love for Each Other — Here Is the Timeline of Their Romance

Time can’t change feelings and some people can even find their way back to each other after almost two decades — the story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck proves this. The happy couple tied the knot almost 20 years after they broke off their first engagement in 2004. Even though the beginning of their relationship wasn’t a fairy tale, they did get a happy ending.

5-Minute Crafts decided to share this amazing heartwarming story that proves love can conquer anything.

It all started in December of 2001 on the set of the Gigli.

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Even though the pair probably met before, their first big collaboration was on the set of the movie Gigli (2003) that they both starred in. They also worked together on the music video for the song “Jenny From the Block” and the movie Jersey Girl (2004).

JLo dedicated her whole album to Ben.


Jennifer released her third studio album titled This Is Me...Then in 2002. Lopez said that Affleck was a big part of her album as she was inspired by him and their relationship. She also shared how she wanted to have a memento of herself, capture memories of that time, and dedicate her lyrics, music, and emotions to the person who was her sole inspiration.

The Bennifer Era

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Their relationship became high-profile as the media widely publicized it. The tabloids even named the pair Bennifer and it was said that this was one of the earliest tabloid brandings. They soon became engaged in 2002.

Breaking off the engagement and moving on

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Unfortunately, the couple decided to go their own separate ways and their engagement ended in 2004. Lopez later on married fellow musician Mark Anthony, while Affleck married actress Jennifer Garner. A few years later, JLo would say in an interview that she believes the media pressure was too much for her and Ben’s relationship, and that was one of the reasons for their breakup.

Fast forward to 2021

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Although their marriages lasted for a few years, they both got divorced. However, knowing how life can take some unexpected turns, Jennifer and Ben were granted another chance at love and the couple began dating again in 2021.

Second engagement and Las Vegas wedding

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In 2021 and 2022, people could see Bennifer storming the red carpets again. Jennifer made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said that she could never have imagined this would happen after 18 years. The couple got married in Las Vegas in July of 2022.

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