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The Difference Between Balcony and Loggia

Even though many modern apartments have balconies and loggias, some people still don’t quite understand the difference between them.

In fact, it’s all very simple. 5-Minute Crafts will explain the difference between a loggia and a balcony.

balcony is a platform projecting from the wall of the building outside the facade. It’s connected with the outside wall of the building and may be open from 3 sides. Usually, there’s a balustrade or railing along its outer edge, and the entrance is from a door or a window.

A loggia, unlike a balcony, is inside the building. It may be open from several sides, but it’s usually open from 1 edge. In houses, loggias may look like vaulted galleries, going along the entire facade or be on the side of the building. There might be columns and arches for decorative purposes.

You can enter a loggia only from inside the building, unlike a portico, which is usually part of the entrance.

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