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The Difference Between White and Brown Eggs, and Which Ones are Better

You’ve probably noticed that brown eggs are almost always more expensive than white ones. People often say that the brown ones are tastier and healthier than the white ones. But is it really true?

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you what the truth really is.

How brown eggs are different from white ones

In short, the only big difference between white and brown eggs is the color. White eggs are produced by a chicken with white feathers, and brown eggs are made by chickens with red-brown feathers. There’s also a breed of chickens that makes blue eggs.

Which are better

There’s no significant difference in terms of nutritional value between white and brown eggs. If chickens eat good food, their eggs have the same value. The shell color can’t tell you anything about the taste or way of cooking.

Why brown eggs have a thicker shell

Sometimes, people think that brown eggs have a thicker shell or that their yolks are different in color. But, in fact, these things depend on the age and diet of the chicken. Young chickens make eggs with thicker shells and older ones, thinner shells. This is true for both white and brown eggs, so you can choose the ones you like more.

Why brown eggs are more expensive

If there’s no difference between the eggs, why are brown ones more expensive? It’s all about the breed. The eggs that make brown eggs are usually bigger and weigh more than those that lay white ones. And bigger chickens require more food, so the product ends up costing more.

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