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The World’s Longest-Serving Flight Attendant Is Not Ready to Retire, Even After 65 Years of Service

Finding your true calling can be satisfying and lead to an amazing life full of happiness and bright memories. It seems that Bette Nash, a record-breaking career-long flight attendant, found her career early on and has stayed devoted to her job all her life.

5-Minute Crafts wants to share the details of this amazing story with you.

She decided to be a flight attendant during her first flight when she was 16.

AFP/East News

It’s hard to believe, but Bette Nash, 86, has worked in aviation for 65 years. Her love for this career started when she was 16. Seeing the cabin crew for the first time, she was amazed by their elegant appearance and manners, and said, “That’s for me.”

Ms. Nash didn’t forget about her dream and, at the age of 21, joined Eastern Airlines as a flight attendant. At that time, flights were considered a more luxurious experience than a means of transportation. Lobsters were often served during the flight, and a ticket cost $12.

Back then, passengers couldn’t check their flight information on electronic boards because they didn’t exist — chalkboards were actually used for that purpose. The way flight attendants dress has also changed: it was more modest before.

Passengers love her warm attitude and smile.

AFP/East News

“Many things have improved over the years, but there’s one thing that stayed the same — the people. They have the same needs — a little love and attention,” says Bette. And she gives these intangible but necessary things to people, smiling and caring for everybody for 6 and half decades. This amazing woman remembers her passengers, their names, and their stories. It is one of the main reasons why people have their best experience flying with her.

One of her passengers says: “I think what is most amazing and impressive about Bette is the way she warms up the entire aircraft.”

Nowadays she can choose any route, however, she prefers Washington D.C-Boston. This way, she can go home more often and see her son. Picking the same route also helps her to recognize her customers and get to know them better. She enjoys talking to them. She highlights: “It’s my social life.”

At 86 years old, Bette successfully passes the annual FAA test and proves her ability to keep working.

Ms. Nash says that she has the perfect career path and still finds fun in her job. She can definitely be called a people person as she really enjoys conversations with passengers and gives good service to them. When asked the question, “How long will you fly?” she underlines that health is everything. So, it will depend on that. However, she doesn’t have plans to retire for now and continues greeting people with her charming smile.

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