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Then and Now: How Technology Changed Our Lives

Technology was rapidly developed and is still evolving, from laptops to TVs, cell phones, self-driving cars, smart homes, and more. Along with that, the Internet came and transformed how we live and communicate, opening the door to a world of convenience right at our fingertips. We wouldn’t want to go back to 30 years ago, but we can travel back in time and truly see the changes in these then-vs-now juxtapositions.

1. Phones

2. Concerts

3. Televisions

4. Ordering food

5. Verifying information

6. Screens

7. Walking home from school

8. Applying for jobs

9. Celebrating birthdays

10. Family time

11. Staying up late

12. Family dinners

13. Meeting friends

14. Date night

15. Doing sports

16. RAM

How do you feel about the evolution of technology — was it better before? Share your story with us in the comments! 😉

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