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Things You Shouldn’t Buy Second-Hand

When you buy second-hand things, you can save quite a bit of money, especially if the previous owner didn’t use the things very often. But you should be careful with some things: they can really disappoint you.

5-Minute Crafts is going to tell you about the things you shouldn’t buy second-hand.


Buying someone else’s shoes may seem like a good idea if the price is attractive. But it may be quite risky. You can catch fungal infections or something else from previous owners.

Also, shoes will be shaped like the feet of other people and might be uncomfortable for you to wear.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners get really dusty. Small particles of human skin, hair, animal fur, and other things get inside the vacuum and fly out when you turn it on. So remember: when you buy a second-hand vacuum, you also bring someone else’s germs and potential allergens into your home.

Stuffed toys

Researchers from the University of Buffalo discovered that some bacteria form colonies by sticking onto each other. These groups of bacteria, called biofilms, are stronger against antibacterial agents. They can cause skin and respiratory infections. And stuffed toys act as bacteria containers.

It’s better to avoid buying these things second-hand because even washing in hot water won’t guarantee the full destruction of microorganisms.


Buying a used mattress is not a good idea for several reasons. First, it’s very likely that they have dust mites in them. Second, sleeping on a used or damaged sofa can cause health issues. And finally, using a used mattress is not hygienic because it always contains dirt, dust, and skin particles from the previous owners.

❗ Because of dust mites, it’s better to not buy used pillows, carpet, and upholstered furniture.

Child car seats

The biggest danger when buying a child car seat is getting one that had been in a car accident. Most of them are made to protect a baby only once and they have to be replaced with new ones if they’ve survived a car accident. This is also true if the seat was in a car that was in an accident and there was no baby in it.

Underwear and swimsuits

Buying used underwear and swimsuits is simply dangerous. Even if it’s about things from good brands. Very often, these pieces of clothing can’t be washed in hot water or bleached, so you can’t be sure they are entirely clean.

✅Of course, you can buy such things at sales if they still have labels on them.

Bike helmets

When you buy a second-hand helmet, nobody will tell you how exactly how long it had been in use. A helmet can’t be used for more than 7 years. After time, the materials it’s made of become less durable, so the helmet won’t be as effective. Besides, a used helmet might have the shape of the head of the previous owner.

Beauty products

Beauty products don’t have a very long shelf-life and using someone else’s mascaras, lipsticks, and other products may be bad for your skin. You can catch infections from other people.


Be careful when buying second-hand food. Especially if you can’t tell whether it is fresh or not: canned foods, foods in boxes, and other packaging. There’s always a chance the owner didn’t follow the storage rules.

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