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Twins Show How Popular Characters Would Dress Today, and Their Outfits Are Spot On

We’re so pleased to introduce you to the highly talented twin sisters from the UK, Danielle and Nicole, who wanted to share their love for fashion with everyone. Growing up, they watched their grandmothers wear beautiful vintage clothes, and since then, they haven’t stopped dressing up. They created their own brand, naming it after their beloved grandmas, BettyBerry, a line of high-quality dresses inspired by their favorite cartoon characters, TV shows, music, and other pop culture icons. Take a closer look at these genius twin sisters and their work.

1. ’’Our ’90s vintage collection wouldn’t be complete without some Kurt Cobain-inspired looks.’’

2. ’’Animal Crossing’s Celeste and Blathers’’

3. ’’Twinspired looks of Phoebe and Ursula’’

4. ’’Tweedledee and Tweedledum vs BettyBerry’s style’’

5. ’’Chandler and Joey look’’

6. ’’Pooh and Piglet fits 🐻🐷’’

7. ’’Disney-inspired vintage fit’’

8. ’’There’s no place like home.’’

9. ’’If Disney princesses went soft grunge 🥀’’

10. ’’Pooh and friends 🐻🍯’’

11. ’’Vintage ’60s and ’70s magazine-inspired outfits’’

12. ’’If Disney princesses dressed like us...’’

13. ’’Could we be any more nineties?👯‍♀️’’

14. ’’We put together some looks inspired by iconic ’90s TV shows to set the mood.’’

15. ’’Some of our fave dress-ups’’

16. ’’A real-life version of Animal Crossing’s Mabel and Sable’’

17. ’’Care Bears-inspired outfits’’

18. ’’Disney princess-inspired vintage fits for autumn and winter’’

19. ’’Sailor Moon’s Mina and Serena looks’’

20. ’’We couldn’t leave this Joey and Chandler look out.’’

21. ’’A look book of David Bowie-inspired outfits’’

22. ’’If Elsa and Anna dressed like us...’’

23. ’’If Anna dressed like us...’’

24. ’’Peter Pan characters in our style’’

25. ’’Van Gogh’s sunflowers through the medium of vintage clothes’’

26. ’’The Little Mermaid-inspired looks’’

We love fashion. Now, we’re asking you: what character from your favorite show would you choose to dress up like in real life? What would you do if you wanted to create your own fashion line? Please share with us in the comments below! 👇

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