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What 20 Harry Potter Characters Actually Look Like According to the Books

The Harry Potter saga of books is a modern classic, with one of its strongest aspects being the magical world that serves as the locale where the magic—literally—happens. The elaborate worldbuilding of the books, carefully crafted by J. K. Rowling, provides the foundation for a world that is rich in all sorts of characters.

While the portrayals from actors like Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson as Harry Potter and Hermione have become the default way we look at these characters, the original descriptions that these wizards and witches received in the books show their original designs.

1. Harry Potter — Thin face, messy jet-black hair, and bright-green eyes

2. Ron Weasley — Tall, gangly, freckles, and a long nose

3. Hermione Granger — Bushy brown hair and large front teeth

4. Severus Snape — Large hooked nose, yellow, uneven teeth, and greasy black hair

5. Albus Dumbledore — Old, half-moon glasses, and a very long and crooked nose

6. Lord Voldemort — A waxy and distorted white face, scarlet eyes, and a snake-like nose with slits for nostrils

7. Draco Malfoy — Slender, a pale pointed face, and ice-grey eyes

8. Neville Longbottom — Blond, round-faced, and short

9. Luna Lovegood — Straggly blonde hair, pale eyebrows, and big eyes that give a surprised look

10. Sirius Black — Long black hair, grey eyes, and good-looking, though with a haggard look from his years in Azkaban

11. Remus Lupin — Graying brown hair, sickly and tired-looking due to stress suffered in his transformations

12. Dolores Umbridge — Broad face, very little neck, a wide mouth, and eyes that are slightly bulging

13. Minerva McGonagall — Black hair tied into a bun, a severe-looking face, and square glasses

14. Bellatrix Lestrange — Long and shiny black hair, heavily hooded eyes, and good looks that have been hollowed out after years of imprisonment

15. Narcissa Malfoy — Blue eyes, long blonde hair, and looks as if there were a nasty smell under her nose

16. Fleur Delacour — Breathtakingly beautiful, long blonde hair with a silvery glow

17. Cedric Diggory — Very handsome, chiseled features, dark hair, and bright grey eyes

18. Nymphadora Tonks — Heart-shaped face, dark twinkling eyes, short and spiky pink hair, deemed as “okay-looking”

19. Gilderoy Lockhart — Good-looking, wavy blond hair, and a dazzling smile

20. Ginny Weasley — A long mane of flaming red hair, bright brown eyes, regarded as being very pretty.

Which character ended up being the perfect casting choice for the Harry Potter movies? Is there any other actor or actress you would have chosen for a specific character?

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