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What to Do If You Meet a Wolf

There is a misconception that wolves are aggressive animals, but they aren’t — at least not by nature. However, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and learn some pointers just in case you ever encounter one.

5-Minute Crafts gathered a list of 6 tips and tricks you can follow if you ever find yourself face-to-face with a wild wolf.

1. Don’t grab the wolf’s attention.

Even though the chances of seeing a wild wolf are small, it can happen. If you see a wild wolf approaching — stay calm, don’t go near it, don’t entice it, and don’t feed it.

2. Don’t run.

Don’t attempt to run away. Wolves are predators and capable of running as fast as 40 miles per hour. Stand your ground, don’t turn your back on the wolf, and slowly back off.

3. Make yourself look bigger.

Another useful tip to try and scare the wolf away is to fool the animal by making yourself look as big as possible, using your arms and legs, and placing objects like a backpack over your head.

4. Make loud noises.

If the wolf hasn’t run away yet, you can also try making loud noises, like blowing a whistle, clapping, or even just yelling. But remember to keep facing the wolf head-on, as turning your back away from it will make you look vulnerable.

5. Leash your dog.

If you brought a dog, keep it by your side and secure it with a leash as soon as you can. Standing in between the dog and the wolf can help prevent anything from happening, but if something does happen, don’t intervene, as you risk getting hurt.

6. Notify the authorities.

After the encounter, don’t forget to inform the authorities about what happened, especially if the wolves were aggressive or looking for human food. By doing this, you’re protecting anyone that visits the area in the future and lessening their risk of encountering any wild animals.

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